Chapter thirty five:

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••Dylan's pov••

"I wish...i wish.." suddenly black overtook my body.i couldn't breathe, the blackness felt like a pillow was on my face, blocking my breathing.

"Dylan!! Come on,stay with me babe!"

I heard in the far distance. But it felt like a buzz in the air,soon to fade away.

In and instant the blackness overtook my whole body. I felt all pain leave my body only to be overtaken by relief.


"What happened?" I sat up and rubbed my head as a surge of pain shot through.

"Dylan, your awake?!" Cameron shot up looking at me with wide eyes.

"Well...duh,what happened?" I say looking around. I was sitting on a bed with Matt asleep next to me with Cameron in a seat while Nash was at his feet curled in a ball with the jacks across the floor. Mahogany as on the couch with Aaron sitting next to her.

"When we got out of the car you fainted because you found out that Chris was in a car accident, you were near the door when you got a look in your eyes and jack j opened the door and you fell. Your head hit the corner of the door and you fell. Matt wouldn't let anyone touch you. He was going crazy we finally got him to calm down." He explains nodding in matts direction.

I nodded my head in understanding.

"So...why did you wake up so quickly?" I asked curiously.

"Oh...well," he said blushing.
"I just know your voice." He said looking away.

"Awe that's so cute!" I said gushing.

He started to murmur something under his voice.

"Mhmh" I heard. I turned my head and saw Matt filching.

"Matt?" I asked slightly worried.

"Matt, are you okay?" I said shoving him.

"Mhmhh!!" He said yelling.

"MATTT!!" I yelled. I shoved him hard.

"Umph!"I heard as Matt fell on the floor.


"CAM ITS NOT FUNNY!!" I said laughing.

Matts head popped up a few seconds ago. Only tears were streaming down his face.

"Dylan?" He croaked.
My heart broke.


"Matt,bro you okay?"

Only tears came harder on his face.

" left me!" He cried.


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