Chapter twenty six: the prank war begins

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••DYLANS pov••

I woke up to my ringtone. I moaned and rolled over only to be pulled down to the floor.

"Ow!" I said. I didn't move. I was to tired. I unwrapped myself from the blankets and made my way to my luggage. I pulled out my outfit and brought it to the restroom.

I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I blow dried my hair then put it into a high ponytail then I curled the tips. I grabbed my makeup bag and pulled out my concealer. I put it under my eyes and then I put on light blush. I did a thick layer of mascara then walked out.

lox sat in the bed already changed.

"Wanna go down and eat at the buffet?" I asked grabbing my phone.

"Sure let me text the boys." She said typing on her phone.

I decided to change my shirt and put in a Rosemary color crop top that said 'love' in white cursive. I then switched my Hightop black converses to White high tops.

"Ok the boys will be here in 5 minutes!" She said getting up.

"Wanna do a prank on them?" I said wiggling my eyebrows.

Me and lox hid around the room waiting for the boys to come. I felt like the lion waiting to attack his prey.

I put on a white bandana over my head and let my hair down. I hide underneath the bed. Since the covers touched the floor and there was nearly any pace to go under it was perfect. When the boys open up the door a string with make its way to the counter hits a water bottle over making a marble hit dominos and then making a high heel step on a balloon filled with paint making the paint hit the boys. It seemed awesome. And since we got it ready in a matter of minutes, it was wicked.

I was Under the bed to squirt chocolate syrup at the guys while Lox would run in throwing feathers at them. And the best part... we are going to get it all filmed.

I heard the door creak open then the guys yelling.

"Hey you guys-"

I heard the water bottle knock off the marble. I heard the tumble of the dominos as they fell on each other. Then a loud pop as the heel hit the balloon.

"WHAT THE HECK?" I ran out and began to squirt them with chocolate.

"Eat them apples!" I yelled as I made sure to hit each and every one of them.

I saw lox running to put feathers on them. Once she did I fell to the floor laughing.

"That was not cool guys!" Taylor yelled. It made me laugh harder. The boys kept yelling at us until I stood up. They all stopped at once ,staring at me.

"What, do I have something in me?" I asked rubbing on my body.

"No you just look...ah someone help me." matt said turning to the guys.

"You look hot." Taylor finished for him. Then i remembered. The bandana, my hair, and the crop top that showed my stomach.

I began to blush.

"Ok so I'll leave you guys to clean up while me and lox go eat. Good luck." I said connecting my arms with mahagonys. We skipped down the hall and busted out laughing.

All of a sudden the jacks came running to us feathers flying every where.

The didn't say a word only handing us a note.

Dear fellow girls,

Because you have pranked us boys we call a prank war. The prank rules are easy. Every prank that is successful, gets a point. At the end of the month(end of Magcon LA) whoever has the most points wins. The teams are,

Yeet crew: hayes, taylor, jack g, and Aaron

Flex army: Nash, cameron, jack j, and SHAWN.

Basic white girls: Dylan, lox, matt, and carter

The prank war begins at 5:30 tonight. Good luck to you and your team.

I looked up at mahogany.

"Oh no." We both said. We looked back at the jacks and they smiled and walked back to the room. This. Means. War!


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