Chapter twenty nine: stranger girl

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••DYLANS pov••

Matt and I ran to the elevator and quickly made our way to the stage. The screams of teenage girls filled the room. My ears rang causing me to get light headed.

We ran through the crowd having girls and some guys rank on our clothes. I felt a hand rank at my collar, while another ranked at my arm. These girls were horrible.

"Wow, these girls are really excited that we're here." Matt said doubling over trying to catch his breathe. I laughed

"Nah dip Sherlock." I said rolling my eyes.

We ran up to the stage and met everyone there.

"We're where you guys?" Jack j asked while doing vocals with jack and SHAWN.

"The-the girls... they attacked, us!" I said Laughing at matt as he looked at the crowd with a scared expression.

They all nodded.

"Ok guys, I'm going to call your names out then you'll do a Q and A then a dance battle. Then the jacks and SHAWN will sing." Bart said looking at of us. A series of heads nodded.

I looked over at matt and he came strolling over to me. I took a seat in one the empty chairs.

"Can we tell them now princess?" I loved it when he called me that. I knew what he meant. He wanted to tell them that we were a thing. I slowly nodded my head.

"Wait, let's wait until the Q and A when someone asks if we're dating someone okay?" I said.


"Guys get ready." SHAWN yelled.

"Hello california! I want you to ease welcome,
Cameron Dallas
Nash Grier
Carter Reynolds
Jack and jack
SHAWN mendes
Matt espinosa
Taylor caniff
Aaron carpenter
And DYLAN brown!!" Every time Bart would say a name the crowdS scream would get louder.

I ran onto the stage and I saw signs and posters with my name on them.

Everyone got a mic and we started saying hello then we picked a few girls to ask us questions.
Taylor picked a brunette girl and nash picked a blonde girl. They were both really pretty.

The brunette one grabbed the mic and looked at all of us.

"Ummm, my questions for... cameron! What's it like to be in two movies and all the fame?" Cameron smiled.

"Well it's really fun and the experience is amazing. And I love all my fans and the support they gave me." He said. I felt the same way.

"Thank you." she smiled and gave the mic back.

The blonde on came next.

"My question is for Carter. Well rumors are spreading that you and Maggie are dating, is it true?" She said smiling.

Carter just stared at her and his smile grew slowly.

"Yeah, me and Maggie are dating." The crowd went into a fits of screams. All the boys started to congratulate him. It was really sweet.

All the boys picked GIrls and they were all asked questions. The only ones who haven't been asked a question was me and jack j.

It was my turn to pick someone so I looked into the crowd and saw a little girl about 14 years old. I smiled and pointed at her. She quickly ran on stage.

"Hi, my question is for dylan, what's it like being with 10 boys and are you crushing/dating any of them? oops that was two questions." She started to blush. I just giggled.

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