Chapter eleven: dont touch her!

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••cams pov••

The guys followed us to the ice cream place and got a big booth. I was really craving a double chocolate ice cream. I saw DYLAN looking at the ice cream. She looked so cute.

"Hey dyl, what are you getting?" She didn't respond.

"Dyl? Dylan can you hear me?" I waved my hand in front of her. Her head snapped up.

"Oh sorry cam. I was just looking at all of the ice cream. They all look so good." She glued her face to the glass. Her nose was pressed up against it and her cheeks turning pink of the coldness.

"Well pick something then let's go." I told her then walked up to the cashier.

"I'm paying for my ICECREAM and what ever that girl gets." I said pointing to DYLAN. The guy nodded. He looked about our age. He had brown hair. I handed him a twenty and went to the table that the guys were sitting at.

"Hey man!" I turned to Jacob and said hey back. Everyone came with us. Nash called everyone and they came. Mahogany came and was sitting next to Jacob. Her head on his shoulder. I really ship JOX but they are to blind to see that. Carter was on his phone laughing.

"We should do a vine!" Jj(jack Johnson) said. Jg, carter, hayes, nash, SHAWN, taylor, aaron, lox, Jacob, Matt all nodded. We all went in the corner and I held up my phone while all of the guys got behind me.

"DO IT FOR THE VINE!" I yelled

"I ain't going to do it!" They all yelled.

"DO IT FOR THE VINE!!" I yelled again.

"I ain't going to do it!!"

"DO IT FOR THE VINE!!" I yelled one last time. They all started to dance while jumping up and down. Mahogany left to go check on dyl so she wasn't in it. We all bursts out laughing and posted it.

I saw mahogany come running back.

"What's the matter lox?" Hayes asked.

"The, cashier... Was- was flirting... With... DYLAN!"

"MR. STEAL YO GIRL!" Matt began to yell. I gave him a glare and he shut up.

"WHAT?!?" I yelled. I began to run to the counter and saw Dylan with her ice cream smiling. I saw the cashier lean over the counter and give her a hug and.... KISS HER CHEEK?!

••Dylan's pov••

After looking at the ice cream for what seemed like forever until I choose oreo. I walked over to the cashier ready taking out my money.

"One small oreo ice cream please." I looked up and saw Chris (weekly chris)

"Oh hey Chris! I didn't know that you worked here!" I smiled.

"Hey Dylan! Yeah I've worked here for a while. And your total will be $3.56 but don't worry you don't have to pay. It's already payed for." I looked at him confused.

"How I haven't payed for."

"Oh cameron came by after he was finished and payed for it." I smiled. He's so sweet.

"Oh ok thanks! So how's life?" I know lame start but I was just asking.

"It's good. I hit 1 million subscriber last night!" He started to smile big. I loved his smile.

"That's amazing! Well I'll see you later. I'll text you when I get home ok?" He nodded and leaned over the counter and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I didn't mind cuz it didn't mean anything.

"WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU DOING?!" I heard. I pulled away from Chris and saw cameron standing there with a red face and his hand in fists.
Oh no.

I ran over and hugged him. He relaxed and looked down at me.

"Calm down cam, he didn't do anything."

"CALM DOWN? HE FREAKIN KISSED YOU!" I flinched. He's never yelled at me.

As if he realized what he did his eyes went large. I looked down.

"Hey Dylan I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you. Forgive me please?" He begged. I nodded and kissed his cheek.

He walked over to Chris and got in his face.

"Why'd you kiss her?!"

"Cam calm down his my friend. Besides he knows that we are dating so calm down. He wouldn't do that." I said trying to calm down.

"Yeah I'm still surprised that someone like cam would date someone like that." I winced at the voice. It was Carter. Well somethings never changed.

Cameron whipped around and punched Carter. Jacob backed up while nash and hayes sat down shocked. Matt and taylor stood there with their jaws down. I blushed.

"Don't you ever, talk bad about Dylan like that ever again. Because if you do, I'll have you by your throat." He said holding on to carters shirt. I jumped up and stood between them.

"Stop! cameron just except that some people will never like me. And I'm fine with that. I've gotten used to the beatings, hate, and other things. You may want to protect me but you can't do anything. Things happen. And I've never let a little of hate get to me. I mean my parents died when I was young and I over it. I've been bullied and I've never let it get me down. I'm strong enough to get through it. And please don't push the only ones that actually love me away cuz you think they'll hurt me. You cant put me in a bubble and expect no one to come and pop it. I'll make it. And if I can't then I'll always come to you. Just don't think that I can't handle myself ok?" I saw cameron with tears in his eyes and the guys with guilty looks. I saw Chris looking sad.

"I'm sorry Dylan. I just don't want anyone to hurt you ,you mean so much to me." Cameron began to start to cry harder. I stepped up on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek.

"It's ok. You mean a lot to me to." I said as I looked into cams eyes. I heard a bunch of 'Awws'. I smiled and looked down.


Sorry it's so bad. But it'll get better, I promise. Thanks so much for 144 reads! Dylan should be joining magcon in the next chapter. So be expecting more drama. So until next time.. WATERBUGS😎


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