Chapter fifteen: the fight

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••Dylan's pov••

We got out of the airport and went outside. We were immediately surrounded by fans.



"MATT FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!" They all screamed different things.

We finally made it to the limo and got in. I had cam to my right and SHAWN to my left.

"SHAWN can you sing me please?" I say. He nods and asks what song.

"Can you do all of me?"

What would I do without your smart mouth drawing me in and you kicking me out. " He began to sing but I fell asleep. I snuggled into his arms and go into a dreamless sleep.


"Shawn how could you?"

"I'm sorry cam I didn't mean To. She asked me to sing to her and I did then she fell asleep."

"Yeah whatever."

I heard voices arguing back and forth. I knew who they were. It was cam and SHAWN. Honestly if I can't even hang out with my friend then what's the point. I wake up and look at cameron. He locks his eyes with mine and quickly looks away.

I feel my phone vibrate and pick it up.

Matt🔹: i know you heard them talking. You ain't slick.😑

DYLAN🔸: shh don't tell. I don't even know why cameron doesn't let me near you guys. He gets mad.

Matt🔹: he just cares. We get there in 10 minutes.

Dylan🔸: KK.

I lock my phone and poke cameron.

"Hmmm." He says still looking at his phone.

"Cam, look at me." I say he shakes his head.

"Cameron. Stop being a baby and stop pouting." I begin to poke him.

"I'm not pouting. And ever think about that I might not want to talk to you and ever think that you aren't the most important thing in the world?" That hurt. I don't say anything. I don't cry cuZ I'm stronger than that. The whole car got silent. They all looked at me to see what I would do. I just look at jack j and say,

"Hey jack and can you and jj sing groove for me? I love that song." They both smile and start to sing. I record it and post it.

Shawn🎶: hey are you ok?

Dylan🔸: yea why?

Shawn🎶: cuZ of what cam said.

Dylan🔸: it honestly didn't hurt. I've been told worse. And besides I need to brush it out. And just cuZ he's on his period doesnt mean that I need to be moody to right?

Shawn🎶: this is why your my fave

Dyaln🔸: thanks boo

I look up and see everyone looking at me. I smile and roll down the window and put on my ray bans.

"CALIFORNIA GIRLS WERE UNFORGETTABLE!!" I yell and soon everyone begins to Singh to. I see Jacob recording and Lox staring at him. They are so cute.


Ok this is the worse chapter ever but I'm having writers block. I promised to write do I did. Next chapter will be better I promise 😎


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