Chapter thirty one: leftie

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••Matt pov••

I settled down in bed when my phone was blowing up with texts.

I groaned as I turned over and grabbed my phone, unlocking it in the process. I had three texts from DYLAN.

D: do you need anything from down here?

I smiled at the texts. I looked at when she sent them and found out that she sent them 15 minutes ago. I replied quickly.

She asked me the same thing

M:no thanks baby girl. I'm going to sleep. Love you
D: love you too<3

I laid back down and tried going back to sleep.

15 more minutes had passed so I decided to go down stairs and see what she was doing. I slipped on my tennis shoes and ran for the elevator.

I began to sway to the soft music playing in the elevator. It finally dinged and I walked off. I turned the hall and looked into the lobby. No one was there.



Some guy had her in his arms while her legs were wrapped around his torso. He sat her down and talked to her. She soon jumped up and kissed his cheek. WHAT THE HECK?!

The both turned my way. Oops, I said that out loud didn't i.

By this time I was angry. The guy looked scared so he pulled DYLAN closer to him and gently pushed her behind him.

I walked over to him and got in his face. I was about an inch shorter but who cares.

"why are you kissing my girlfriend?!" He looked taken back.

"I'm sorry I didn't know and I was just glad to see DYLAN."

"Who are you any way?" I said stepping closer.

"I'm DYLANS ex boyfriend, eli. I haven't seen her in three years." He looked at DYLAN.

"Matt stop, I was just saying hey." DYLAN said stepping out from behind him.

"And it was my fault anyway. I gave her a hug and kisses her. I'm sorry." He looked down.

I adjusted my body and pulled my left hand back and punched him in his jaw.

He didn't flinch.

"MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!" DYALN screamed at the top of her lungs. She rushed to "eli" and held his face in her hands. I stormed away.


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