Chapter six: got a bæ?

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••cams pov••

When Dylan opened the door I was shocked. She looked so perfect standing there{5sos👏}. I was having trouble talking. She was wearing a skirt with a crop top and converses.her hair was in soft curls. She doesn't even have to try she's so beautiful.

"H-hey!" I said nervously.

"Hi." She started to look down and blush.

"You look cute when you blush, baby girl" she started to blush more. I started to chuckle.

She locked the door and we went to my car. I ran to her side and opened the door for her and ran across the hood into the drivers seat.

"Sooo what movie do you want to see?" I hope she doesn't pick a chick flick.

"Um I want something scary, is that okay with you?" I started to nod my head hard. She's different from other girls.


The movie theater was a good thirty minutes away so we started to play twenty questions.

"Ok dyl, are you camera shy?" She started to nod.

"But you do videos, and you don't get shy."

"I was at first. At my first basketball game in highschool there were interviewers and I flipped. They came up to me and asked if I love basketball my answer was, ' OMG yes basketball is bæ I mean ball is life right?!' Then they started to film other players and I ran up behind the camera person and scared them. He screamed and dropped the camera. I then ran out of the gym and into the parking lot." I wS dying of laughter.

"Oh my.... Gosh... That's... I can't breath..." I finally caught my breath. She just punched me.

"Ok so cam have you ever gotten stitches before?" I nodded

"Yeah one day I was making a video with nash. We would ask each other questions about our selves and if we got them wrong we would get food put in us. And I opened up a jar of something and threw the top on the floor. So he flipped out and I took a step back and the jar cut my heel deep. I ended up with 15 stitches." Her eyes went wide.

"Are you ok now?" I nodded.

We pulled up to movies and payed. We decided on annabell. I honestly was scared but she seemed excited.

"Oh my gosh that was amazing!" DYLAN kept saying. I was still nervous.

"It was so scary, lets go to the park for a walk." I said grabbing her hand. When we pulled up to the park it was dark. I knew a secret trail behind the trees.

"DYLAN I have something to ask you." I said once we where behind the trees.

"Ok,shoot!" I sat down on a bench and pulled her next to me. I faced her and grabbed her hand.

"Dylan, will you be my girlfriend?"


Ok I know that this chapter is lame but it'll get better and thank you for 58 reads! It means so much. I'll try to update tonight. Sooo...WATERBUGS😎


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