Chapter thirty four: chris

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••Dylan's pov••

As we all walked off the plane I stretched. The pane ride took forever.

"AHHH" I screamed as I felt a sharp pain fill my leg. I dropped my bag and bent down and started to message it.

"Hey Dylan- are you ok?" I heard Nash ask.

I nodded my head no. He called Carter and the jacks to take out stuff while he cares me bridal style to the car.

"Are you sure your ok?" Nash asked me looking over my leg. I just nodded. I couldn't move it.

"Just get some rest okay?" He said pulling my head into his lap.

"Tell Matt that I'll talk to him later." I whisper as sleep over takes my body.


"Ugh! Someone shut off that dumb phone!" I yelled sitting up. I saw Matt smiling.

"Dyl, that's your phone." He said pointing at it.

I reached over Nash and grabbed my phone. I answered it without looking at the name.

"Ello?" I said still half asleep.

"Yes is this Dylan brown?" A guy asked.

"Yes this is she."i said sitting up now.

"I'm here to tell you that your friend Christine has been in a car wreck and has three broken ribs, a fractured wrist, and a sprained ankle. she went into a coma an hour ago and we don't know if she'll ever wake up again."

I dropped my phone. Tears streamed down my face. Chris... got hurt?

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" I yelled in pain. Why did this have to happen to Chris?

"What's the matter?!"

"Are you okay?!"

All the boys asked. I saw mahogany pick up my phone and talk to the man.

"Yes, okay...sure thing...okay thank you. " She ended the call and ran to me.

"I'm so sorry Dylan." She said stroking me hair, only making me cry harder.

"She doesn't deserve this!" I yelled as I felt a strong pair of hands carry me to the restroom.

"Dylan, look at me.what happened?" Matt said Wiping away my tears.

"Chris... was in a c-car w-wreck......she went int-to a c-c-coma!" I said crying harder after every word.

"Shhhh it'll be okay." He said rubbing my back up and down.

"I wish...i wish.." I suddenly felt the world go black as a feeling of relief took over me.


Bad chapter, I know😔. I've been busy making my new book and everything. And I'm taking milestones tomorrow( test that determines if you go to the next grade. ) and with soccer and school , it's been hard. But I'm trying. I decided that I would update every monday,wednesdsy, friday, and Sunday. Get me 2.70k reads before Wednesday.


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