Chapter four: new attitude

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••cams pov••

I felt guilt rise up through my body. I saw nash smack DYLAN and I lost it. She's such a strong girl and doesn't deserve any of this. They shouldn't touch her. And I swear if she goes home with a mark or a bruise I will give each and everyone of them ten of them.

"STOP! IF ANY OF YOU TOUCH HER ILL RIP YOUR THROATS OUT!" I yelled. I saw each of their heads turn to me. DYLAN relaxed and smiled at me.

"I've had enough of this! Years of hurting someone has scared me. No one deserves this. And I don't care if you tell her. And just cuZ all of you Guys like her and she doesn't like you doesn't mean you take your anger on her. And yeah I like her. So what?" Nash turned around towards me.

"What's up with you. You know we all don't like her. She's to ugly to find any one. So I honestly don't know what you see in her." He shrugged and all the guys just nodded but SHAWN looked ready to kill.

Before I knew what was happening I punched nash in his jaw.

"Nash your like my brother but really what's gotten into you? And don't you ever talk bad about DYLAN again. She's an amazing,confident and beautiful person." I turned and saw Dylan with tears in her eyes.

"Come here dyl, I meant please stay strong for me baby girl ok?" She gave me a hug and whispered 'thanks cam' .

"Hey guys what's up?" We all saw Chris walk to us and saw her eyes go large at the scene. Dyl in my arms crying, nash holding his jaw, taylor ,Matt ,Carter ,and hayes with big eyes.

Dylan pulled out of my arms and said I'll tell you later to Chris. She stepped up on her toes and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks cam, for everything." She turned to leave but went to nash and kicked his shin. She turned to Chris and nodded her head. Chris went up behind Carter and taylor while dyl went up behind matt and hayes.

SMACK! They smacked the back of their heads! They both turned around and left for class. Groans came from all my friends.

"Thats What you get bishes." I yelled as I ran down the halls. NEVER mess with the person I really care for.


Sorry guys for the short chapter. I'm going to try to post every day. And thanks so much for 26 reads. I know it's not a lot but it's my 4 chapter so.. And go check out my other book 'secrets to keep' thanks for 308 reads on it. So.. WATERBUGS!😎


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