Chapter eighteen: worthless

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••matts pov••

I felt a tap in my shoulders and looked behind me. I say sam or Samantha. She was my ex girlfriend. We broke up because she moved a while ago. I forgot that she moved to California.

"Hey sam! I've missed you so much what are you doing here?" I asked standing up and hugging her.

"Me to. Well I'm here for an event it's supposed to be tomorrow and I live two hours away so I decided to spend the night." She smiled.

"Oh cool, what event?" I asked I hope she says magcon.

"Oh I'm watching O2L and MAGCON. in a big fan of yours. She said blushing. I just smiled.

"Oh cool! Well I got to go but I'll see you later. Can I have your number?" I asked as she nodded and grabbed my phone.

After we switched back I saw what she put herself under as, sammy💖. I just smiled. I put in her phone, matty😎. I looked up and saw her staring at me. I leaned in to give her a hug. She hugged back but when I pulled away she grabbed my face and kissed me. I tried pulling away but she had a firm grip. I heard a gasp and a door slam. Oh no. I pushed sam off of me and ran off. Please don't let who left be DYLAN. I just got her. Please.

•• Dyaln pov••

I left the room to go see if matt was ok. I saw matt go down to the pool through the window so I grabbed my phone and went down.

I went into the elevator and just scrolled through my Tweeter. Every one was saying how I need to make a video or they can't wait to see me tomorrow. I decided to follow some people and I instantly saw people freaking out. Awww. I got out of the elevator and saw matt holding a girl by her Arms kissing her. I gasped and ran back to the elevator. I slide down the wall and began to cry.

"Why'd he do this to me? I thought he liked me and I liked him. Am I not worth it?" I said to my self.

I got out of the elevator and went into my room. I found an old pencil sharpener in my drawing kit and broke it off so I had the blade in my hand.

I made my way to the restroom and locked the door. Why am I so worthless? Why doesn't anybody care about me? No one will ever love me. I thought to my self as I put the blade to my bare skin. I began to cut.

1 cut for thinking someone actually cared about me.
2 cuts for falling for matt
And 3 cuts for being ugly and worthless.
I screamed out in pain as I made the last cut deeper than the rest. Blood rushed out of me and into the counter. I rushed to get a towel.

I cleaned up the blood from my wrist and cleaned the sink. Blood swirling down the drain and drops on the white counter. I dabbed my wrist until all the redness was gone. I waited for a few minutes until the redness and swelling was gone, I grabbed my makeup bag and pulled out my concealer. I put it on my wrist so no one would know. No one needed to pretend that they cared. None if them did anyway.

I pushed the blade in the very bottom of my bag and made my way out of the room.

As I laid on the bed matt walked through the door.

"Dyl, look I'm s-" I walked passed him and made my way to Cameron's room. Goodbye Matt.


Ok sorry for the cutting. Just wanted to make this book Interesting I guess. So thanks for 454 reads! Get me to 460 reads for the next chapter! Love yall.


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