Chapter fourteen: falling for shawn?

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••Dylan's pov••

I turned in my seat and looked at matt.

"What'd you say?"

"I'm sorry for all those years I hurt you physically and mentally. I never wanted to but I was forced." I started to cry. That's 3 boys that have apologized to me. I wonder if the others have hearts.

"Hey dyl please don't cry. You are really a good and amazing girl. No matter what happens you come with a smile. It always amazes me. I hope that you can forgive me." He says begging. I began to giggle. I decide to play a trick in him. I make my laugh sound mean and look at him.

"What makes you believe that I would forgive you? Like honestly I know your just joking. And besides weren't you the one to tell me that i was no good for anyone?" I smirked. He had tears in his eyes. Ok I think I went to far. I soften up and hug him.

"I'm kidding matty I forgive you. Thanks so much for apologizing it means so much. " I kiss his cheek and play with his hair.

"Well I guess my job is done. " He said while ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead and leaving. What is happening. Did he just play me. Ooo I'm so mad. I put on my earphones back on and look out the window.

"Hey DYLAN." I hear. I take off my earphones and see nash.

"Hi." I say quietly.

"Look I'm sorry for treating you the way I did. I never meant to hurt you. I don't know why I picked on you. I think I was jealous of your free spirit and having the ability to smile even after what's happened to you in your past. Your really are amazing. I hope that you'll forgive me. I would really like to be friends." My jaw hit the floor. Nash Grier my bully For three years apologized.

"Yeah I forgive you nash. And you always bring the best in people so thanks for teaching me to move on from the past." He smiles and lean in and kisses my nose and stands. I wonder why they are all leaving.

In a meter of seconds both jacks sit and apologize to me. Then Carter then taylor then Aaron then Jacob. Wow. By the end of it all I'm sitting in my tears. They where all caused by joy. It meant so much. They helped me become the person I am. They taught me how to become stronger.

As I was dozing off I felt a hand stroke away a piece of my hair behind me ear. I got shivers but didn't wake up.

"I love you DYLAN. And I promise that no one will ever get you while I'm near." I try to hid my smile. Knowing it was cameron I waited til he got comfy then snuggled into his arm.

"Good night cam." I felt him Jump from the scare. I mentally laughed.



"No!" I say turning away from the voice.

I felt a stream of cold water down my face.

"AAAHHH!" I wipe off the water and see Carter laughing. I glare at him and he quickly stops laughing. YASS DYLAN SLAY, SLAY. I got these guys wrapped around my finger. I giggled when I took my luggage down. I saw hayes still leaning on the window. Hahah I've got a plan.

"Hey hayes come back to bed. I'm cold." I say really creepy like. He jumps up and yells. I begin to laugh loud. I hear other laughs behind me and see SHAWN recording.

"Bruhh, she got you!" Nash yells. Hayes glares at me and smacks my arm.

"Stawp CARTAH don't do dat!" I whine.

"DYLAN I DIDNT KNOW THAT YOU WERE A FAN!!" Aaron yells. I start to blush. I was caught. Oops.

"So Dylan brown has a secret FANGIRL life. Hmm intresting" matt says Rubbing his 'beard'.

"I think it's cute that she's a secret FANGIRL" cameron says winking.

I hear a camera click and know someone is recording. Hahah plan time.

"Well I honestly was a fan girl of SHAWN." I say while walking over to SHAWN. His face was red. I lean in and kiss him on his cheek and hug him. I hear a bunch of 'ooo's and 'ZAYUMMM' I turn around a face cameron. I smile innocently. He grabs his stuff and leaves. I giggle and turn to mahogany. I smile at her and say send me that video. She quickly understands and nods.

I chase after cameron.

"Cam wait, I knew mahogany was filming and decided to play a trick since you embarrassed me." I grab his arm. He stops and turns to me.

"Dyl that wasn't funny. I got really mad. Please don't do that again. And promise that you don't like SHAWN?" He whines.

"I don't promise anything. " I say while looking away.

"Dylan." I hear his serious tone.

"Ffiinne!" I say while smiling and missing his cheek.

"That isn't a real kiss DYLAN." He says while tapping his lips. I roll my eyes and peck his lips.

"Thad better let's go cuZ I want to go to bed." I say while dragging his hand. I can't wait to see the hotel.


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