Chapter one: new look

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••Dylan's pov••

I ran to my locker hoping to beat the boys. I didn't need to deal with them right now. I pushed my wavy brown hair behind my ear and grabbed my lock trying to put in my combination, 4143. I quickly grabbed my reading things and rushed to my room.

"Come back little Dylan or we'll hit you harder." No, no,no. This can not be happening right now!

I turned around and came face to face with nash Grier. His eyes were clear blue with brown hair. The rest of them piled behind him.

Cameron and taylor held me down while Carter, nash, and Matt took turns punching me.

"No... Please stop.. Please!" I cried for them to hear me. Every hit harder than the last. My breath was being pushed out of me. All the guys laughing finding my pain hilarious. Jack g came up and kicked me in the head, hard. I yelled a soft 'help' as things became blury, soon everything became dark.

It seemed as if hours went by but really Only minutes. The boys left knowing that I couldn't fight back. I pulled my legs to my chest crawling into a ball and crying. What did I do to deserve all this? What made them hate me the way that they do?

I heard a gasp behind me but I didn't bother turning around. I recognized that voice any where. My best friend Chris Helped me up and helped pick up my stuff. She knew the things that the guys did. We didn't bother talking as she grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the school.

"Chris, please don't do this." I begged as she pulled into the beauty store.

"Dylan, I'm done seeing you come home everyday with bruises and marks. It's time for a make over. She took me to the hair dye section. I wanted my hair ombré. Since my hair was dark brown we went to a hazel then a really Light brown.

I walked down the makeup isle. If I'm going to look different might as well step out of my comfort zone. I grabbed thicker mascara and eyeliner and a pink lipstick.

"Come on Dylan!" We payed for our things and went to her house. My parents died 3 years ago when I was 14. I'm now 17. I've been living with Chris ever sense. When we got into the car she blasted uptown funk. I made a video on snapchat and INSTAGRAM.

"Ok Dylan tell me the truth about what happened." All fun drains sour of her face. Time to get serious. I sighed and told her the story.

"I'm so sorry dyl, but after we doll you up they'll leave you alone." She began to laugh while pulling me into the restroom.

"Chris, do you even know what your doing?" I began to laugh as she read the box. She just nodded. Ok I'm really scared know.

"Ok let's get started." She began to put in the hazel color on my hair. After that was done, she put the light brown on my tips. At some point I feel asleep.

"Dyl, wake up so we can rinse your hair and look at the color!!" She yanked my head. I yelped and swatted her arm. I washed my own hair.

She pulled out her blow dryer and began to dry. I covered my eyes refusing to open them. I'm going to look awful. But oh well.

"Dyl, open your eyes." I pulled my hands away from my eyes. My jaw dropped. My hair was beautifully ombré. It looked amazing. I've always wanted to do this. I turn my head and ask Chris

"Can you give me side bangs?" She began to cut she made it look like the tumblr girls hair. I looked different. I squealed and pulled Chris into a hug. ' I love it Chris thank you' I began to tear up.

"SELFIE!" We both yelled bee began to laugh. She took a really good one and we both posted it on Instagram. With in minutes we were on the popular page. Wow. I locked my phone but quickly put it back on as it blew up. Notification saying I got over 200 new followers. I scrolled through them all until one caught my eye. I dropped my phone. I got up and backed away until I hit my mirror. I turned around and stood tall. My brown new hair brought out my blue eyes. My dimples now recognizable. I then made a promise to myself. No person can ever bring me down. I am a beautiful girl and am confident. No matter what, no one will ever break my walls. I don't care what people think of me. I am my own person. I should be happy about that. I smiled. For once I found my self as pretty. I grabbed my phone and followed all of them back. That one person stood out. Should I, or should I not? He probably doesn't recognize me. But who cares. I'm doing it. I pressed except request ad follow.

I was now following cameron Dallas ,and he was now following me.


Ok thanks guys for reading. This chapter stinks. It was just to tell you what happened in the beginning. The chapters will get better I promise. But for now please comment and vote. Thanks


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