Chapter seventeen: the joke

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••matts pov••

I see DYLAN start towards the door. She puts her hand on the doorknob but I grab her hand and pull her to my chest.

"Hey DYLAN, I was wondering, if you- you wanted to go on a, um on a with me this Saturday?" I say. I begin to blush because I couldn't say it. I see her smile. I love her smile.

"Yeah, sure it'll be fun." I smile in relief.

"Ok, let's go then so everyone doesn't think we're up to something." I say. She looks at me and gives me a confused look. Oh gosh she thinks I want to do something.

"But matt, something is up..." I freeze. Oh gosh. I don't want to say anything to hurt her feelings. She grabs my hands in hers and slowly lift them to the ceiling.

I shiver.
I try to say something but words won't come out of my mouth.

"Matt...the sky is what's up..." She says while smirking and droping my hands while walking out the door....

Dang. She played me. I run out of the room and see et look back. She starts to run and knocks on a door. I run faster.

I see taylor open the door and she shoved him aside. I'm feet away and I see the door slam.

"OPEN UP TAYLOR!!" I yell while banging on the door. I hear giggled and someone say'shhh'.

"Guys open up!" I try again. I see nash open the door.

"Man, chill out!" He says.

"Where's dyl?" I ask trying to see past him.

"Um she with taylor, why?" He says. I shove him aside and step in.

"What the heck?!" I see DYLAN on Taylor's lap giving him a kiss on he cheek.

"Bruh chill!" Taylor says getting up. I begin to get angry. I go up to him. He's a few inches taller than me but I punch him in the jaw.

"MATT! Why'd you do that?!" Dyaln yells.

"You kissed him. And he's a player. You wouldn't be good for him he'll just hurt you." I say. Taylor's still on the floor holding his jaw.

Nash comes up behind me and helps taylor up.

"You know I wouldn't hurt Dyaln!" Taylor yells.

I know he's lying through his teeth. I swing at him again but he ducks. I see Dylan laughing. Laughing?

"Matt, stop- we were messing- with, you!" She chocks put. They did not just do that. I feel my cheeks heat up and my fists relax. I see nash smiling. I take one look at them all and storm out.

I go back to my room and grab my sunglasses, swim trunks, and phone. I head down to the pool. I set my things down and sit at the edge of the pool.

"Do I like DYLAN?" I ask myself.

Suddenly i feel someone's hand on my shoulder.

I turn and see the last person I ever wanted to see....


Sorry for the short chapter. Thanks for 418 reads! I'll update tonight or tomorrow. Keep reading.


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