Chapter eight: boyfriend/girlfriend tag

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••Dylan's pov••

When we left the park we decided to make a video. We both tweeted about us dating and we wanted to make a boyfriend/girlfriend tag.

@Dylannn: ok guys,im dating @camerondallas and we are going to do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag so comment your questions below!

@Camerondallas: hey guys comment your questions for a girlfriend/boyfriend tag. See Ya later!

" okay so let me go get my camera and we can start." I said as I went into my room and changed into yoga tights with a long sleeping shirt. I put my hair in a messy bun and took out my contacts and put in my glasses.

"Okay cam, go sit on my window place." I pointed and he saluted. I giggled.

"Okay I've got ten questions that I have picked to ask or answer." He said scrolling through his phone. I nodded.

"Hey there guys I'm Dylan and I'm here today with mah new boyfriend... Cameron Dallas!" He rapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"We'lol be doing the boyfriend/girlfriend tag today so let's get started."

"Ok ️️Mrs.bunny7 ( a/n: I'm making these up) asks ' where did you guys meet?!' Well I met cam in eighth grade and we had problems for a while then we became closer. So yeah..." I said smiling to the camera.

"Magconlover asks do you guys do pranks on each other? No not really but I feel like there will be one coming up soon." He looks at me. I start to laugh.

"Foodie ask what will be your ship name?! Um I think cayln or dameron. So you guys comment what you guys want!" I look at cameron and see him smile.


"Ok guys this is the last question for tonight. Cameron is bæ, I like that name, says will Dylan join magcon? I hope so. We've been needing a new member so we'll see." Cameron finishes off.

I turn to the camera.

"Ok thanks guys for watching. I'll see you on Tuesday. Love Ya!" I did a ️FEIRCE sign with a duck face and signed off.

"Well that was fun!" Cameron says pulling me In For a hug. I nod.

"Wanna watch a movie?!"

"Sure which one?"

"Um how about, grown ups 2?" Cam nods. I get up and put the dvd in.

We both went down and made a bag of popcorn and candy. When the popcorn finished we went back up stairs. I snuggled into cams side and started to feel sleepy. I felt my eyes get heavy. Cams arm came to my waist.

"Good night dyl," I smiled and whispered ' goodnight cam '


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