Chapter thirty two: air horn

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••DYLANS pov••

"MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!" I yelled as I raced to Eli's side. He didn't flinch once. He was smart not to hit matt back. I grabbed his face in my hands and searched his face. His cheek was turning a light purple. Out of the corner of my eye I saw matt storm away. Ooo.. he's going to pay.

"Does it hurt anywhere?" I asked eli. He shook his head.

"You sure?"

"Yeah I'm fine." He said looking at me.

"I'm really sorry about matt punching you." I said blushing slightly.

"It's ok I mean I would be mad if I was your boyfriend and I saw someone else kissing you." He smiled. I smiled back

"Ok so for real, what are you doing here. Like I mean.. I've missed you but out of the blue you show up after three years." I say out of breath.

"Oh well I'm here for a vacation. I'm going to be here for a week." He said.

"This sucks..." I said.

"Why does this suck?" He said laughing.

"I leave for Florida MAGCON in the morning. Our flight leaves at 7:30 but we leave at 6:30. I won't see you again." I looked all over the room for in myself not to cry. Eli has helped me through so much. He was my bestest friend. I just got him back! I can't leave him again.

"Hey, hey look at me. Don't cry. I'll see if I can see you again. I mean I still have your number and we can make this work. Okay?" He said holding my cheek. I felt a little tear seep out of my eye.

I nodded my head in agreement. I sucked in a breathe trying to catch my breathe.

"Well, um- it's late.. and I need to go get ready for tomorrow morning. I guess I'll see you later." I said reaching up to giving him a hug. He squeezed me tight.

"Ok I'll see you later my little duckling." I smiled at the nickname. He always called me that when we were younger.

We pulled apart and he kissed my cheek softly. I turned to leave. When I was at the door to the elevator I turned and waved. He waved back. I kept waving until the doors closed.

I slid down the elevator wall. Why does life have to be so confusing? I tugged at my hair. I checked the time and saw that it was almost midnight.

I quickly but silently stepped into the room. I closed the door behind me and took off my shoes. I got onto the couch and got cozy. I set my phone down when I got a text.

S: sleep tight beautiful:) I'll try to see you tomorrow before you leave. -eli.

I smiled. I saved his number and changed it to 'my duckling'. I smiled as memories of us rushed back to me. I laid down and fell into a dreamless sleep with a smile on my face.


"Ow" I opened my eyes and saw matt on the floor rubbing his head.

I couldn't help it but laugh hysterically.

"What...happened?!" I said catching my breathe.

"Well someone left their shoes in the middle of the floor." He said glaring at me.

"What time is it?" I asked stretching.

"Its..5:55 Bart said to start changing and we'll leave in thirty minutes." he said leaving for the restroom. I grabbed my blue jeans, a purple v neck shirt, and my galaxy vans. I changed quickly and just applied mascara and concealer under my eyes. I just kinda curled my bangs like the tumblr girls so they would stay out of my face. My hair was going back to its original color, brown. I think I might dye it again.

I banged on the restroom door and screamed at matt telling him that I was going to go wake up the other boys.

I walked out and ran into someone.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking were I was going." I said finally looking up.

"Hey there little duckling." Eli said chuckling.

"Hey. Wanna help me wake up all the boys. I want to prank them." I said smiling evilly.

"Sure. I have a blow horn. And don't ask why I have one." I started to laugh.

"Ok let's go." Luckily all of our rooms were connected.

"Let's go to my room and walk through all of the rooms but we need to quickly run out. You ready soldier?" I said in my fiercest voice to eli. He struggled to keep a straight smile.

He saluted and we walked to my room.

"Let's scare matt first. He's fixing his hair."

We up behind matt and blew the horn. I kid you not matt jumped up so high in the air and screamed so loud.

"Hahahahahah oh my gosh! I can't breathe!" I said rolling on the floor laughing. Eli was having the same problem as me.

Matt regained his composure and glared at us and walked out of the room. I shrugged at eli and we walked to Taylor's room.

*blahh* (an: this is the sound of the horn😂)

"What the heck?!" Taylor yelled as he fell to the floor. Onto the next room.


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