Pain And More Pain

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Jeff's POV

Hoody normally stole us a paper from the local newsagents. We may be killers but we find some of the stuff interesting. "Your totally sure she kissed you?" mumbled Hoody as he walked in, newspaper tucked under his arm. "Yeah I'm sure!" I sighed, I had the real urge to punch him. He had been asking that same question all morning. "Let's see what's happening, shall we?" muttered Hoody, to no-one in particular, suddenly he gasped and dropped the paper. "What's up?" I asked, Hoody read the paper to me.

Local girl Iris Morerose has been raped and badly beaten in the changing rooms of Hot Sportz. Doctors and nurses say her condition is critical, her two siblings, Sophie and Duncan are staying with relatives and her mum who is suffering from lung cancer is staying in hospital with her daughter as the young woman seems to be the only provider of the family with 4 jobs. Police ask anyone who knows something about the incident to contact them on 077137 99919992.

"Iree, why didn't you tell me about you situation. I could of helped you!" I moaned, and the first time after I met Iris, I went and boxed. For a hour I pounded solidly at the bag, sweat cascading of me. Afterwards I done the obvious and took a shower, Hoody knocked on the door as I was pulling my trakies on.

Defeated, I flopped on the sofa next to Hoody. "What if she dies without knowing I liked her?" I said in a barely audible tone. "Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts?" for a few minutes we stared into space. "Yeah, I did once." he finally said, my eyesbrows shot up. "Who? What was her name?" I asked.

"Her name was Ruby Lucser," Hoody started. "I was going to propose to her the night Dr Smile took her, but by the time I found Ruby she was dead. He had raped and beaten her so many times she just gave up." he whispered, I felt sympathy for him and then the pain of Iris came back, stronger and harder than before.

"So what are we gonna do?" asked Hoody after a while. "We?" I said Hoody tugged of his hood and smiled, "mate I can't let the past repeat itself and I've got to help you!"

"Did she have any stalkers, creeps or pervs?" Hoody asked. I thought hard "yeah, a shithead called Aston." anger consumed me "he wanted to get laid by her!" I ended with venom in my voice. "I know someone that can help." said Hoody

I watched him call ZELDARULES


ZELDARULES: hey, wats up

WHITEHOOD: I need u to hack in2 somethin'


WHITEHOOD: Roborough High website, I need info on a kid named Aston

ZELDARULES: I could do that in my sleep!!

I growled and snatched the laptop


ZELDARULES: oh, hi Jeff. I'll just get to it

Hoody reclaimed the laptop and typed

WHITEHOOD: thx m8, I owe u 1

ZELDARULES: k, I'm gonna a bring up a few pics of the Astons in the school

Suddenly the screen was filled with a couple of boys, I recognized the Aston I was looking for. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a startlingly white smile. "Him," I growl, pointing at the Aston."I saw him walk by her house the other day." Hoody clicked on it.

ZELDARULES: good, I'll bring up his private records.

Files flashed on the screen, I spotted his address and jotted it down, "let's pay Aston Pincavich a little visit!" I growled venomously.

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