Prison Of Mind

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Iris's POV

I felt like I was in my own prison, locked inside my head by the nightmares. Memories playing around and around, especially that awful night.

He grabbed me one handed and hurled me towards the floor, bringing out a bunch if cable ties with the other, my heart rate hurtled out of control. Could he, would he?

My attacker tied me to the railings by my wrists and ankles, I broke down and started to sob, hoping for some sympathy that never came. Instead a rough French kiss that made me gag " it'll be nice and quick." he said to me, pulling out a wrapped package...

He was right, it was quick but it was certainly not nice, everywhere burned and if I wailed or moaned he would viciously beat me. Afterwards he just discarded the plastic and left me tied up. Alone, frightened.

About 20 minutes later Steve showed up, turns out next door heard loads of screaming and called him. I was curled up in a fetal position when he found me, he took one look at my naked body, cableties and my tear-stained face an called the police. He untied me and gave me a football kit to put on, by the time the police came I was barely conscious. Deep sleep descended on me at the policestation

I'm at the hospital, I hate the smell and the noise. I've had Larissa & Rohna, my 2 BFF's visit, Sophie & Duncan and Jeff, who smelt like BBQed chicken.

I should get out of here soon

Thanks for reading, I think I'll make her into a proxy :-@. Vote, comment ect

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