Morning?! #1

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Iris's POV

I woke up with Jeff's arms encasing me against his chest, I sighed and pryed myself from his body. I quickly got changed into the clothes I brought and went down stairs, Larissa and Rhona were eating cereals in the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and filled it with coconut granola, added milk then sat down.

"Where's Jeff?" Larissa asked, not taking her eyes of her cereal. "Up stairs, dead to the world." I replied, "so... You didn't sleep in my room," Rohna said then added "where did you go?" I finished my mouthful before simply saying "I slept with Jeff." after the words left my mouth I instantly regretted my choice of words. My friends spoons clattered onto the table and I hastily said "not that kind of 'sleep with'! Geez have a little more trust in me guys!"

Me, Rohna and Larissa heard a sleepy yawn behind us and we all turned to see a topless Jeff sub-consciously leaning against the door frame, all his scars and muscles on show. Rohna looked like she had fireworks pooping out her brain. "Morning, babe." I said and carried on eating, he bared a small smile and I handed him my juice. "Thanks, Iree," he mumbled and went into the kitchen.

"He's so cute when he's sleepy!" cooed Rohna. Larissa rolled her eyes and added "no, he's weird!" I sighed and went to get a smoothie or something, when I came back my friends had that smug look on there face. "What?" I mumbled, "you've really fallen for him. Haven't you?" they both said and I nodded "OMG!! Our little flower is in love!" I swore under my breath and chucked my milky spoon at Larissa. "You make it sound if I'm not capable of loving, and especially not being loved!" I said, she just shrugged.

"If you loose the psychotic appearance and the psycho killing thing you have a great man!" Larissa mumbled to me. I gave her a glare and walked over to Jeff who was now standing by the window, "what's up?" he asked-seeing my expression. "I'm really concerned that Rohnas gonna rape you!" Jeff looked dazed before arrogantly smirking and saying "girls can't get enough of me!" he walked over to the window and opened the window wide, he turned towards me and passionately started to kiss me. We heard a wolf-whistles coming from the kitchen "thanks guys!" I yelled before Jeff briefly kissed me again. "I'll see ya later," he mumbled and jumped out the window. "You know there's a door?" I stated, "too mainstream." he retorted and ran down the path. I waved and walked into the kitchen "damn!" my BFF'S said simultaneously in a fake American accent, I blushed and sat back down.

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