A Day In The Life...

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Iris POV

I sat behind the counter of Hot Sportz. It paid well, so I enjoyed it. The music wasn't my first choice but its not horrid. The best part is the lovely aroma from the chocolate shop next door, I didn't mind staying late if I had to. The customers were almost never rude.

I said the customers were ALMOST never rude, the boys would wolf whistle and call me 'sexy silver'. Once one of them grabbed my arse, of course I gave them hell for it.

The reason they call me sexy silver is because of my natural hair colour, my dad's was pitch black and my mum's was platinum blonde. When they mixed they made a silvery colour.

My dad was in the Navy, he was shot and killed when I was 13. I would do anything just to have a hug from him. He gave great hugs and snuggles.

5 months after my dad's death something else happened...

My mum, was diagnosed with lung cancer. She didn't smoke but her boss, who was always around her did. Through the years it just got to her lungs, now she needs a doctor at least once a week and she rarely leaves the her room. I know it kills her not to be involved in me and the twins lives, but she needs help even walking.

Having a dead father, seriously ill mother and providing for two 9 year olds attracts major bullies and flirts. The flirt is called Aston, he's He not in for a serious relationship, he just wants to get laid by me.

The bully is a bitch called Kimberly. She thinks it's funny that my dad's dead and my mum has cancer, my silver hair doesn't help.

"That's your Shift, Morerose. I'll lock up," said my boss, Steve. He gave my £20 more than usual, "you look after your brother and sister for me." he said, their was a look of pity in his eyes. I grabbed my stuff and practicaly ran to my moped. It sucks just having a drivers permit.

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