The Aftermath

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Iris's POV

I ran home, dodged Jeff and ran to my room, slamming the door in the process. I threw myself onto the bed and crieded like a baby, Jeff opened the door a crack and was rewarded with a lamp aimed at his head "JEFF LEAVE ME ALONE!" he opened the door fully "JEFF WHAT DID I SAY!" I screamed, "LEAVE ME FUCKING ALONE!" .He sighed and whispered "I can't." grief washed over me and I choked out "fine."

"I wanna die," I murmured into my tear-soaked pillow. Jeff looked at me, not quite catching my words. "I WANNA DIE!" I yelled and pushed past Jeff to the kitchen, I grabbed the sharpest knife from the cutlery draw and held it to my wrist. Jeff dashed into the hallway, his fear filled eyes settling on the knife. "Please Iris don't! Your friendship is the only thing that matters to me, I have Hoody and the other proxies bit they don't give me the same feeling as you. It's almost as strong as the urge to kill." Jeff pleaded. I moved the knife to my neck, "No Iris." he pleaded again.

It took all my self control to drop the knife and I also dropped to my knees. Jeff was by my side in a instant and hugged me, "who do I have to kill to get them back?" he murmured. "You could kill everyone in this fucking town and get no answers, the twins have been put in the system. I probably wont see them again!" I wailed and clung onto the white material of his hoodie. Jeff soothed me and I fell into a unconscious state.

When I woke up I realized I was in a sweet-smelling cherry tree, Jeff was on the branch next to me playing with his hood toggles. I watched the stars for a bit before saying "why are we here?" Jeff sighed and said "Iris do you feel uncomfortable around me? I shook my head "have you changed your opinion on love? " he asked, I nodded my head. "Could you love someone who is physically disfigured?" I nodded again and said "yes, I don't judge people on looks." Jeff looked into my eyes, it felt as if he was staring into my heart and soul.

"Iris, in the past couple of months I have fell In love with you. Please, understand, that special girl I was speaking about is you. I didn't know how to tell you and I guess this is the way. Iris I'm in love with you." He finished. I just sat there staring, did I have room for someone else in my heart, a small portion was waiting. Waiting for Jeff. "I... I.. Feel the same, Jeff." a huge smile was plastered on his face, and I chuckled at it.

Jeff suddenly leaped from the blossoming tree, I looked down petrified. "Erm Jeff, I'm scared of heights!" he smiled and said "do you trust me?" I nodded my head "then jump." I took a deep breath and pushed my body of the branch, I was caught in Jeff's leathery arms. Still carrying me I asked him "where we were going?" he didn't ignore me this time and answered "my calm place,"

We were walking through a field full of sunflowers, well Jeff was carrying me still. He murmured to me "you are my sunshine,". Moments later we walked onto a thin band of sand which overlooked a lake and a jetty, he sat down with me now on his lap.
We stared at eachother for what felt like centuries before Jeff softly leaned in and kissed me, soon after we were full-on snogging. Suddenly a strong beam of light was shined into mine and Jeff's eyes, I nuzzled into Jeff's neck and he yelled angrily "Hoody go away," oh this was the Hoody Jeff was talking about. "Awwww was Jeffy Weffy making out with some damn hot girl?" a voice taunted.

I felt a hand slide under my body and Jeff grabbed his knife. "Hoody. Go." he growled "I will speak to you later." he must of known if he stayed a knife would magically slit his throat.

"I better go," Jeff mumbled reluctantly. I nodded and then whispered "Jeff, the house doesn't belong to me anymore..." he thought about it for a bit "my bed is big enough for 2." he said finally. "Jeff... I'm not going to have....... Sex with you.... Yet." I mumbled, turning into a strawberry-cherry-tomato-raspberry. "No, just sleep, in the same bed." Jeff said, I nodded and he lead me towards the house.

On the way back I thought about everything Jeff has sacrificed for me, killing just 5 people a night, risking being caught by coming to my prom- all because he loves me and I love him too.

Jeff bangned on the door, the cottage looked quite modern, wood and grey. A freakish man opened the door, he had a browny-orange hoodie and a completely black face with red eyes and mouth. "Hoody," Jeff said "this is Iris."

"My girlfriend,"

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