Moving in

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Jeffs POV

"Are you sure you don't want any help with that?" I asked Iris again "nope I'm good, I still want to be a independent British citizen." she puffed. "More power to you I guess," I mumbled.

Hoody looked at us in suprise "hi Jeff whats Iris doing here?" he asked and the noticed the giant case. "You didn't do what I think you did?" he asked again, "I did." I answered. Hoody facepalmed and said "ok, now you have to unpack Iris's stuff whilst she watches TV with me." I sighed, picked up the suit case and carried it into my room

As I unpacked Iris's clothes I thought about what it will be like to have her living with me. I came across a large item, covered in cheetah print. Her bra. I dropped it and had a minor freak out, by that I mean let out a blood-curdling scream and chucked my knife at it then stumbled into the case full of remaining clothes.

Iris walked in with fury plastered on her face. "What?" I asked as she came over to me, Iris ripped a her pants off my head, I let out another shriek when I saw the lingerie, it was see-through and patterned with devils. "Jeff, quit messing around with my st-" her eyes locked onto her bra with the knife sticking out. "Jeff,that's my best bra!" she yelled "I'm gonna go and watch TV with Hoody, please do this favor for me. Don't ruin anymore of my underwear!"

After I had put away the last of the clothes I got up and walked onto the hallway , I overheard Hoody and Iris talking. "What do you see in Jeff?" Hoody asked "I really don't see why you love him." I had the urge to collect my knife from the bra and split his head open like a cantaloupe. Iris gave Hoody the death glare "'cause he loves me and I love him, Hoody are you... Hitting on me? Jeff! Hoody is-" Hoody clamped his hand around her mouth, "I'm NOT hitting on you. Trust me. Jeff would split my head open, I'm in love with another girl."

Iris looked interested and asked "who?" Hoody gulped and went to the kitchen to take his pills, he came back in, crying. "Her name was Ruby, a close friend of mine called Dr Smile kidnapped, raped and beat her 'till she died. I have made several attempts on his life since then, he is my no.1 enemy." Iris sweetly asked "can't you just... Let her go?" he got up and walked into his room, He came out carrying a small white box. "I wanted to propose to her the night she got taken, look at the inscription OWNER OF MY-" I walked into the room and the both looked up, "hay babe." Iris said to me and budged over, I wedged myself between the two and Iris snuggled against my shoulder. "your one lucky bastard Jeff. If only Ruby was was here we would be kinda complete," Hoody said and looked at the TV.

"That's a pretty nice Xbox, can we play?" Iris asked. I nodded then handed her and Hoody a controler. "Mortal combat, is that good?" Iris asked and I replied "it's awseome!" we then chose at characters "Im Jade!" Iris claimed, as soon as she said that I thought of Iris dressed like that. Then, I thought how much a perv I can be. We played a few games and then decided to call it a night.

Iris bathed first and then I jumped in afterwards. I walked out the room with a towel slung around my waist, lying in the middle of the hallway were Hoody's clothes. All the possibilities came in to my mind, I shoved his clothes on and walked into my bedroom.

"Hi, I'm Hoody! I hide my face because if anyone saw me they would be scarred for life, it's as ugly as a horses ass! I'm still in love with my dead girlfriend and refuse to be laid by any hot chick!" I said, mimicking Hoody's accent. Iris turned around with her hands on her hips "Jeff, how immature can you get?" she asked "take his clothes off!" I made Iris go out the room whilst I stripped out of Hoody's clothes and shoved on some boxers then dived under the covers "Come in Iree!" I yelled, she sauntered in wearing her sexy lingerie "Iris have I ever told you that you look so sexy?" I asked her as she slid in the bed, "yeah, about 3 minutes ago!" she answered and started to kiss me. I immediately let her in my mouth and her toung swirled around, touching the walls of my mouth and likewise mine in hers.

"Guy's... Are you decent?" Hoody called from the other side of the door, absolutely ruining the moment. Me and Iris groaned and she slid under the cover "I'm just coming," I yelled and stormed out the room

"what?" I asked "you just ruined a great moment," Hoody scratched the back if his neck and said "I've been thinking about Iris lately," I pinned him by the neck to the wall. "you traitor!" I seethed. "Not.... Like... That... Like..... Her.......... Safety!" he choked out and I let him go. "Why, I am unable to die genius! She'll be fine." I exclaimed "there is 3 people I know and will kill Iris," Hoody said. A look of confusion plastered on my face, "you don't know a single one?" he asked, I shook my head "Jane, Jane wants you to suffer and since your immortal and that's a good way to do it. Lui, you killed his parent's -granted they were you's as well. You and I know you didn't have the balls to kill him and put him in a deep sleep instead. Lastly Masky, he wants me to suffer and Iris is the weakest of my friends." I slid down the wall "I cant loose her, If I do I think I will lose the last drop of sanity I have left." I groaned, "just go to sleep. We'll sort it out in the morning," Hoody said.

I tiptoed into the room, Iris was already asleep. I moved in next to her and protectively wrapped my arms around her.

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