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Iris's POV

I stood in a empty room, the only light source was from a dim lightbulb in a lamp on a old coffee table, "welcome to the void Miss Morerose." a voice said from behind me and I spun around, a man about my age stood behind me- he was the male equivalent of me in short. "I'm a Reaper," he carried on "you are almost dead but there is a minute chance you may live." I gasped and with of a click of the Reaper's fingers a screen appeared.

On the screen played a video, Jeff was sitting by the side of the road with my head resting on his bloody lap. "Don't you dare die on me Iris! We still have all our future to live- to get married and have kids, you can't die- if you die, I die with you." he said with tears in his eyes. "Wake up Iris! It's not funny anymore, goddamit just wake up! Please wake up!"  he pleaded with tears dribbling down his face. In one swift click the screen went and I slowly turned and faced Reaper.

"This happens all the time, when a boy loves a girl and one of them is taken before their time." he said in a slow drawl, "but in this case has a exception. I have never seen love as strong and passionate as his," Reaper said, "Good bye Iris, I will expect we'll meet again someday." and with that I was sucked back- away from Reaper and back into my body.

"I love you Jeff," I mumble as I gained brief consciousness and then blacked out again

My eyelids were heavy but I was alive! I ran my bruised hands down my body and I just felt bandages "hello?" I called out to no-one in particular but Jeff bursted through the door, which I now realised was our bedroom "Iree! My sunshine! Your awake!" he practically yelled on excitement "A guy with silver hair-he was basically a male version of you- gave us a ride and he said we looked good together, also he said him giving us a lift was a gift to you. Do you know him?" I smiled and said,

"you could say that."

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