Go To Sleep...

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Jeff's POV

I grabbed the lady by the waist, "go to sleep!" I snarled into her ear and cleaved her down the middle, Blood splatters appeared everywhere in the white bedroom. I took her purse out of her handbag. Me and Hoody normally need money for shopping, "Mrs Salihah Patel, huh." I murmured to myself, and jumped out the window.

When I entered the house next door,

I realised I was in a little girls room. I was just about to stab her when I recognized her face, she was the sibling of the beautiful one. Leaving the girl in her room, I quickly searched the house but I couldn't find her. My last resort was the attic.

In the middle of the room stood a double bed covered with blankets, quietly I peeled away the covers and then I saw her. She had a oval face and silky silver hair, which smelled of mangoes? I prodded her nose, it wobbled just like my brother's would.

I removed the remaining covers and picked her up "your so beautiful…" I whispered, her eyes shot open and she let out a small scream "please!? Put me down." She begged, I sat her on the bed. "Who are you?" she asked, "I'm Jeffrey Phillips." I said. "Okay Jeffrey…what are you doing in my room?" she continued. " I needed to see you again." I replied carmly, her eyes turned from fear to angry panic. "Have you done anything to my family?" she asked. "No your family have felt no pain but I did kill your neighbour Mrs Patel," she stuttered with shock. "Your the…the killer?!" the look of fear came back into her eyes. " Your siblings will feel no harm," I promised.

After a awkward silence I asked "what's your name?" she looked at me "Iris… Morerose." she whispered. "Iris that's a wonderful name," she smiled a bit "can we be  friends?" I ask abruptidly. "Yeah sure," Iris said slowly, "do you want to watch a movie? It's only 7," I said. "Okay, Final Destination 3?" she asked. I put a thumb up in reply.

As the movie wore on we started to learn more about each other, she know's I like to box, the colour red and ice cream. I know that she likes movies, popcorn, mangoes and the colour blue."I need to go now as my roommate will get crabby if I have to wake him up to get in." I finally said, "but can I come back tomorrow?" she nodded her head slowly " course," Iris said. I jumped from her window and waved, she waved back and then I was off. Running through the trees, I felt a nice kind of pain in my chest and I liked it.

As I approached the door, it flung open to reveal a seriously pissed of Hoody "JEFF I REALLY WANTED SOME SLEEP TONIGHT!" he yelled "THEIR BETTER BE A GOOD REASON WHY YOUR SO LATE!" he carried on. I ignored his outburst, and shrugged off my bloodstained hoodie "Hoody I think I've fallen in love!"

Murder finally! Sorry their hasn't been more, I need to put more in! Vote, comment ect :D.

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