lemon moment

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Jeff's POV

Hoody left at about 6 to get something to eat, me and Iris continued to lay on the bed. At the end of Grown Ups, I shifted so I was laying ontop of her, Iris smirked and wrapped her legs aroundy waist then her arms around my neck. She looked like some sexy sloth hanging from my body, "I'm ready." Iris whispered huskily in my ear. I nodded and grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt and ripped it off  "Jeff" she quietly asked "you do have..." she trailed off, I nodded and went to the bathroom to put on a condom as I quickly walked to the room I slipped the do not disturb sign on the handle. I entered the room and Iris was where I left her.

I positioned myself above her and passionately kissed her, "I'm so bored." she said playfully, I smirked and trailed kisses down her neck. "still bored," she said. I pulled down her jeans as well as her underwear and took off her bra, she pulled of my clothes "go to sleep- with me." I said into her mouth before going in.

We both enjoyed it and I had finally let go of my virginity, afterwards we both collapsed onto a uncomfortable position, covered in sweat and fell asleep
…………………lemon over…………………

Iris's POV

I was awoken by a loud banging in the hotel room door. "Iris, Jeff I've been standing here for half a hour! Open the door!" I detangled  my limbs from Jeff's and started shoving my clothes on "Jeff!" I hissed, he sat up sleeperly "Hoody is back!" that seemed to wake him up. We tumbled over eachother whilst getting dressed.

We opened the door to enraged Hoody, "Jeff your jeans are on backwards and there's a pair of boxers on the floor." Hoody facepalmed, "seriously! You did use protection?" I nodded and Jeff said roboticly "I regret nothing."

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