Sleepovers And Stalkers

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Iris's POV

I was awoken by a load of banging, Jeff was frantically shoving stuff in a bag "Jeff what the fuck are you doing at," I grabbed my iPhone and turned it on "4:40am?" I grumbled. "We're going away to Las Vagas," he gabbled. I shook my head "I can't I'm having a sleepover with Larissa and Rohna." Jeff sighed and asked "can't you g-" I cut him off "Larissa is moving to Bristol to go to veterinary collage and Rohnas moving to Australia due to her Dad's job premonition. So no I can't,"

Jeff grumbled alot but agreed, he got into bed and I kissed him softly "thanks," I whispered and layed my head in his rock-hard chest. We were both awoken by the alarm "fuck mornings," Jeff moaned and got up.

Hoody was in the kitchen when we both walked in, "Jeff we were supposed to get going 50 minutes ago!" he moaned. Jeff sighed and said "we're going tomorrow," then added "not that I like it." Hoody was left gobsmacked. "Right, then I'm going to bed." he muttered and left the room. Me and Jeff spent the day watching Mrs Brown's Boys.

At 6 Jeff dropped me off at Rohna's house, a big country villa. "See you soon babe, love you." I said to Jeff and gave him a kiss. I practically ran up the driveway eager to see my friends, Rhona opened the door and said "go up to my b'room," Larissa was already there on the blow up bed, "we're going to see Insurgent!" she squealed, I could tell she'd been on the Coke. I thought we were taking a taxi to the cinema but when Ronha took us to the garage and got in the red Audi R8. "Get in guys, I've sorta passed my provisional," yelled Rohna, cautiously me and Larissa stepped into the car.

Rohna swerved in and out the cars then nearly smashed in the back of the car in front "when you say 'sorta passed it'?" I asked shakerly "err I've done half of it." she answered. I was over the moon when the trip was over, we went in and brought our tickets, popcorn and drinks then entered the theatre. I drove back to save us being sick, by the time we got home in was time for bed.

Larissa was on the perspran, Rohna on the blow-up bed and me on the real bed "are you sure you don't want your own bed?" I asked "nah it's fine, I'm gonna collapse in dire need of sleep. Night bitches!" she answered. We all called goodnight and settled down to sleep, the bed felt cold without Jeff next to me I sighed and drifted off to sleep.

"God, I need to pee!" I whispered and crept downstairs. I done my business and washed my hands then exited the room, a person was standing in the hallway. It wasn't Larissa or Rohna nether her 'rents who were at a business meeting. I became fully awake and ran at the intruder and knocked them to the ground, I started punching them across the face ,no one breaks in and doesn't get a black eye "Iris fucking stop! It's me!" he said, I peered into his face and saw a hint of a slit smile,I quickly got off Jeff "Jeff? What the hell are you doing here? You do know if my friends see you your screwed!" I asked-yelled-whispered. "I have kept a eye on you all day," he explained, "oh." is all I said.

I heard footfall from upstairs and quickly I shoved Jeff into the downstairs cupboard. Larissa came down a few seconds later "I heard banging, is everything ok?" she asked sleeperly. "Yeah I just tripped coming out the bathroom, did I wake you?" I replied "sort of, I need to use the bathroom," she said and walked into the bathroom next to me. I pretended to be getting a drink whilst waiting for Larissa, finally she came out and went up stairs and I sprang to the cupboard and pulled Jeff out.

"Jeff you gotta go now!" I hissed, "but-" he started to say but I cut him off "no buts!" he nodded then gasped. I whipped around and Rohna was standing behind me, before I could say anything she screamed and ran up to her room. "Crap!" I muttered and sprinted after her. By the time I got to her room she had got her phone out and was dialing for the police, "don't call the police!" I pleaded, "Don't?" she repeated "don't call the police even though there's a intruder in the house? " at that point Larissa starting screaming about Jeff the 'intruder' then making matters worse Jeff showed up in the doorway looking sorry for himself. Larissa screamed a even higher pitch which I'm surprised didn't break any windows, Rohna growled and grabbed the vase that held a bunch of irises from her bedside table and ran at Jeff, he put his arms up to protect himself but then maneuvered them to push Rohna away but she still managed to smash the vase against his head. He yelped in pain but Rohna didn't stop, left hook, gut punch, right hook. They were scrapping along the landing, she shoved him against the banister and went to run at him. Jeff rolled to the side and Rohna went hurtling over the banister, Jeff quickly grabbed her ankle preventing her from falling. Using her other leg she kicked Jeff in the face, he grunted and lost his grip, she fell the last few feet. Larissa ran out the room and downstairs to Rhona who was groaning but moving, with Jeff in tow I went downstairs as well.

"Now, can everyone calm down?" I asked, immediately both girls started screeching. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled, they both shut there mouths. I looked at Jeff who was sitting on one of the stair steps, he looked worried but nodded. "Time to tell you the truth!" I said...

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