Prom-part 2

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Iris's POV

The main hall was dark, strobe lighting lit patches of the dance floor complemented by heavy music. My classmates milled around the room, I spotted 2 familiar figures standing beside a humongous chocolate fountain. I edged nearer, towing a awestruck Jeff "Larissa! Rohna!" I yelled over the pulsating music.

My two best friends looked in my direction and waved. Rohna had brown hair, past her waist and piercing green eyes. Her pearly white skin showed off her unusual features. Larissa had light blonde hair, just past her shoulders and icy blue eyes.

"We were just supplementing the cuisine." said Larissa, her mouth full of chocolatey strawberries. "Anyway, who have you brought with you?" said Rohna, motioning at Jeff. "Oh this is my new neighbor Antis," I lied then added "Let's go and dance!"

Most of the evening was spent on the dance floor, I met the my friends dates, Immanuel and Jenson- the 2 new foster brothers to the school. Jeff was a really good dancer, we were dancing to the couple's song when Jeff said "thanks for tonight, I never got to go to my own prom." that made me want to cry "thanks Jeff, tonight has been amazballs!" I replied softly into his chest. Once the song had finished I quietly said "I'm gonna touch up on my make-up, k?" he nodded and said "make sure your back for the cutest couple."

Jeff's POV

I watched as she left the room, then turned around grabbed a marshmallow and dunked it into the fountain. Iris's friends came up to me and said "we've entered you into cutest couple!" my permanent smile stretched further and I said gruffly "thanks." they both then walked away with there dates. I stood by the fountain popping more chocolate coated food in my mouth. After about 20 pieces I felt like I was going to chuck up.

I walked down the foreign hallway, I just past the ladies' when I heard someone swear in pain, only Iris swore like that. I quietly opened the door whilst fingering the butchers knife in my waistband. The first thing I saw was a man's back then Iris's head cracking on the tiles, "you filthy whore! You killed my cousin! Or did you hire someone? You pathetic scum!" the man screamed.

My anger consumed me and I sprang at the irate man. I knocked him against the wall and blood spotted the tiles, my hand squeezed around his throat and I lifted him up to my height. "Must run in the family," I hissed as he feebly tried to release the pressure on his throat. "Your precious cousin was a fucking rapist! And that's why I killed him!" his eyes showed shock whilst he gasped for air.

Slowly I removed the blade from my waistband and sinisterly whispered "GO.... TO..... SLEEP!" and stabbed him in the cheast, more blood coated the tiles, coated the floor and coated me. It felt sooo good, after I was sure the life was drained out of him, I turned and saw Iris shaking like a leaf in the corner. "I'm sorry you had to see that," I whispered whilst washing my hands. I helped her up and guided her to the Koenigsegg. I had a spare suit in the back and she sat in the front applying a little foundation and redoing her hair.

As we walked in, me in a fresh suit and Iris made up again. We were bombarded my Larissa and Rohna "GREAT! Just in time!" said Rohna. "In time for what?" mumbled Iris, "cutest couple, of course!" they both said. We were walking towards the front when Larissa gave 'did you have sex?' look to Iris and Iris shook her head violently at Larissa.

"Hello! Thank you for coming and I hope you had a amazing time," loud whoops of agreement filled our ears "now I'm sure that everyone has had their eye on the 2015 prom cutest couple crowns." murmurs of agreement, "now the board has talked this over and the cutest couple is..." everyone held their breath "Iris Morerose and Antis!"

Me and Iris threaded are way through the crowds to collect our crowns. The headteacher placed the tiara on Iris's head and then placed the crown on my head, out of nowhere someone started to chant 'mask off!' soon after the whole room was yelling it. Iris looked helplessly at me and I shrugged, in my mind I asked slendy

You need to help me!

I can only use the quick face-changer

Do that then

Ok, it's activated you have 10 minutes


Your welcome, Jeff


Did you have sex with her?

No! I had to kill someone to stop them from killing her!


I quickly undone my mask ties and removed my mask, I knew I looked like I did before the accident. Blue eyes, shy smile, but I still had black hair. No singed eyelids or cut smile. Iris looked so shocked when she saw me, cheers and sexy whistles were in the air.

The dancing carried on for another hour afterwards. I had to carry Iris to the car, I gently shook her and she woke up and trundled to the front door. Once she was safely through the front door I sped off towards the woods.

Slendy was glad that I didn't destroy his baby, I didn't really care. All I wanted to do is sleep, I walked in dropped the keys on the coffee table, shrugged off my tux jacket, pulled off my trousers and shirt and went to bed. "Hay mate, how was it?" Hoody asked

"Sod off! I need sleep!" I mumbled into the pillow.

And for once he did, and didn't rip the shit out of me whilst doing so.

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