Truth be told

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Iris's POV

Both of my best friends stared at me like hungry lions, "erm Jeff isn't normal." I started, "no shit sherlock!" growled Larissa "do you mean Jeff the killer!?" yelled Rohna. I rolled my eyes and carried on "yeah, he won't hurt us. He's a proxy and I may become one too," both friends just stared "what the actual fuck!" Larissa mumbled "how do you know he won't hurt us!" added Rohna. I turned into a tomato-strawberry-cherry-cranberry "he's my... Boyfriend," I mumbled. "He's your boyfriend!" yelled Larissa, "that's crazy!" "that's sexy!" mumbled Rhona and all of us stared.

I walked over to Rohna "please forgive me," she nodded and pulled me into a hug. I noticed Larissa walking towards us. I broke the hug and turned to face Larissa, before I could say a word she drew back her hand and slapped my face. Jeff jumped up and grabbed her arm with bone crushing force, "get off her Jeff" I said. He let her wrist go but and moved to my side "you selfish bastard!" she spat but then fiercely hugged me "I hate you." she said into my shoulder, her actions contradicting her words.

Once I explained everything everyone calmed down a bit. "I better send Jeff packing," I finally said "no it's ok, he can stay- in the guest room." Rohna answered quickly. I nodded and smiled, with protests from Jeff I reached inside his hood and pulled out a thankfully clean knife, I didn't want to scare my mate's with his bloody knife- they still gasped anyway. Rohna took Jeff to the guest bedroom, I was left with Larissa.

"So... How long have you been seeing eachother?" she asked, "well we have been seeing eachother for about 2 months." Larissas mouth fell open "damn you Iris!" she muttered "if it makes it any better we've been only been a official couple for 4 days." I added. She nodded and said "I always hoped you find a boyfriend, maybe not a psycho serial killer but I know you love him." we carried on chatting, I was so glad ny friends knew and that that huge weight was lifted off my shoulder.

All of us went to bed, whilst Rohna was up stairs she had cleared the shattered vase and seen to her shredded hand. Jeff was sitting on the bed in a pair of boxing shorts and a american football top, his usual attire piled on a chair across the room. "Hay," I whispered and he gave a small smile in reply, I sat next to him and he pulled me into a hug and we just layed on the bed. I went to get up but Jeff pulled me back down "stay with me, please?" he asked and nodded, getting fully under the covers with him. "I love you," I mumbled and snuggled against his well toned chest.

I sighed and Jeff looked at me "Jeff, could you sing for me?" I asked "I can't get to sleep." he sighed "Iris my voice is as horse as fuck but I'll give it a go."

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

I smiled "now sing till I fall asleep." I said sleeperly. He groaned bit recited the chorus, I shortly fell asleep afterwards.

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