3rd Of May

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Iris's POV

Duncan and Sophie were watching Frozen when I got home. It was probably driving Duncan mad, this was the 1,000th time this week. "Hi guys, I'm back!" I called. "Has anyone checked on mum's breathing machine?" Duncan and Sophie came into the kitchen "yeah, like we have for the past couple of year's." said Duncan. Sophie looked like she was going to cry.

Duncan was the youngest of the 2, he loves music and drawing. He has mum's blonde hair, and is really shy. Sophie is the oldest of the two and shes really creative, though at school I think she gets picked on for not being the sharpest tool in the box. Duncan's very protective over her, giving anyone a black eye who stares at her with a rude gaze.

"Sophie," I said playfully "what's the date today?" Sophie looked confused "erm…6pm on May the 3rd, wait that means posh tea!" On the first weekend of every month I take the twins out to a posh restaurant and we dress up in are best clothes. Mrs Patel normally looks after mum.

"Get changed!" I yelled up the stairs, and I went to get changed. I decided on a teal bluey colour shoulder dress and black/silver accessories. As I was slipping on my heels their was a bang outside my window "Aston if your peeking I'm gonna rip your fucking puny head off." No reply. Sophie was dressed in a pale lemon dress and Duncan in his mini tux. "You two look adorable! I'll just call a cab."

When we got into the cab, all of us relaxed. The restaurant wasn't to far away but it was dangerous to walk there with two younger kids when the sun's setting. "Why don't you have a boyfriend sis?" asked Sophie in a naiave voice. " 'cause I need to look after you and I don't need love in my already dramatic life, baby girl" I sighed.

The meal went perfectly intil we had to leave, the cab was picking us up by the alleyway which ran beside the restaurant. Sophie said it was 'smelly' and 'creepy', even after Duncan held her hand. So I told them to run ahead and I will catch them up, as I went past a couple of connecting alleyways someone said "I never seen anyone as pretty as you." I whipped around. No one was there.

"Why are you shaking, sis?" asked Duncan. "No reason tough guy." and that's all I would say to him if he asked something. As soon as we got in I went a checked on mum and sent the twins immediately to bed. When I finally collapsed on my bed I wondered…who was the voice in the alley.

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