Don't go to sleep, you'll never wake up

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Jeff's POV

A chink of sunlight traveled through the blinds and hit my abnormal eyes, stirring me, thoughts went racing through my mind- especially last night- I smiled the memory and I glanced to where Iris was sleeping in the crook of my arm. Gently I retracted my arm but Iris was a light sleeper and was instantly awoken by the movement, I kissed her forehead and she snuggled closer to me, then I moved so that I could look at her properly.

"Did you enjoy last night?" I casually asked but all I got in reply was a long inaudible grumble, sighing I asked again and she nodded "okay, let me know if you erm you know." I said

"What?" she asked
"If you know," I replied
"I don't,"
"If you hurt in certain places!" I finished.

Iris shook her head, so we both snuggled down to enjoy the luxurious life the hotel provided us with.

We talked a little and the convocation turned to our future "do you want to get married?" I asked and Iris nodded so I went a bit deeper "kids?" she wavered a little and said "maybe, we'll have to worry about clothes, school, food and the psycho killers- Jane, Liu and Masky coming after them!" I looked at her, surprised "y-you heard?" I stuttered "yeah, you didn't have to keep it from me. I deserve to know, I'm not a little girl!" she replied defiantly "I only wanted to protect you- honest." she nodded and gave me a small kiss "I know," before she snuggled against my chest again.

Hoody barged in about a hour later, wondering if Iris needed something for lunch, so 10 minutes later her and Hoody left for lunch and now I get to spend some quality time with the T-fucking-V. After a few programmes I was getting agitated and I yelled " I just want to kill something or get laid!"

Looking out the window I noticed a small bird hopping along the sill, it wasn't a human but it contained blood. Poised to stab the creature, I lunged forward but when I reached the tiny animal it had already been speared with a similar knife.

A human, well a bitch, gently jumped from the roof to the small concrete ledge. Jane pointedly looked at me and I glared back, "well Jeffery we meet again!" she said in a kind tone, which then turned sour "shame I can't kill you, huh? Pity for me your immortal but there is more than one way to kill a person, maybe that girl- Iris isn't it?- could be enough revenge for murdering my entire family!"  she yelled before laughing demonicly and frolicking over Vagas roof-tops in search of my girlfriend "You dare lay a finger on her, Jane!" I screamed after her.

I quickly rung Iris's phone to here her ringtone sound in the bedroom so I resorted to pacing, for hours I walked the length of the room till I thought I was going to wear through the floor.

Finally after what seemed years I heard a keycard being slotted in and Hoody walking through the door, the horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach grew as Iris wasn't behind him


Hiya , sos I haven't been on and updating for 3 reasons

1) school life  *~*
2) family probs
3) left phone in dads lorry


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