Horrible choice-part 2

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Iris's POV

On the way home I cried more than I had in months, a look of anguish was plastered on my face as I watched the sun dip below the horizon. Then, I heard a voice. "Dumb bitch, how much does she have to loose to realize she can't win!" I knew that high-pitch voice from anywhere.

I turned and faced Kimberly, she had her older and younger sister beside her. The youngest had just had a load of work done and the other looked like a gorilla, I turned around and started to walk towards my neighbourhood. "She's still a ugly cow though," said the youngest. "Yeah when she gonna her fucking putrid hair," said the other.

I turned around, ignoring them. It took me all of 20 seconds to realize they were following me, I broke into a sprint, hurtaling myself down a alleyway. The big one trapped me at the end, shoving her big steroid arms either side of me. Suddenly I saw a flash of white and the girls guts tumbled out of a slit in her stomach.

Kimberly had just rounded the corner and screamed "OMG! Danielle!" the other one had just came round as well, "she's the killer! Let's turn her in and be filthy ri-" she didn't get to finish before a knife impaled her head.

Kimberly gasped as she realized I wasn't killing her siblings, shortly after another knife stabbed her heart. Jeff dropped down from the roof and slung me on his back, "I'm taking you home." he said defiantly before I could complain.

He dropped me off by the front door, "do you want to come in for some hot chocolate?" Jeff smiled and said "you know me so well."

I set down the 2 mugs, "Jeff do you love someone?" I asked, he blushed and said "yeah, I love her with all my heart." and then he looked down at his cup. "What would you do if that girl was put in a coma and you had the choice to either let her stay in a coma fir the rest of her life or let her go," I asked. "I would cry and cry because if that happened I would have nothing left," he answered. "Jeff I need a proper answer!" I moaned, "I would let her go, kiss her softly and tell her how much she means to me." I nodded, and took a sip of cocco. "Who's the lucky girl?" I asked, Jeff raised a eyebrow and said "I'll tell you when I'm ready." "Whatever!"

After the hot chocolate we went to my room and watched a movie, it was a welcome distraction from the oddly silent house.

No mum.

No breathing machines.

No twins.

"Jeff, do you want to stay the night?" I asked after several episodes of walking dead. "Erm... Yeah, sure. I'm just gonna go err... whilst you get changed." he stuttered and walked out the room. I chucked on a long hot pink to with 'feeling lucky!' scrawled on the cheast.

"JEFF! You can come in!" I yelled, his head popped around the door and he sat cross-legged at the bottom of my bed. I decided to tell him what happened, I described the day's events to him "I guess bad things happen to good people." I finished, "Iree, that must be so hard for you!" he said, "can we not talk about it, please?" I pleaded, he nodded

As I felt my eyes getting heavy, the bed shifted and I felt something warm next to me.

Jeff's POV

I had no sleeping mask so I couldn't sleep. I felt like a guardian angle watching over her. I sighed and turned on the TV, I flicked through the channels before finally settling on Futurama. Iris bunched up her fists and started lightly striking my stomach, instinctively I grabbed her small fists and she relaxed, nuzzling her head into my cheast. I smiled at this and wished I could tell her the truth...

I love you

I must've dosed off as a knock on the door woke me, covering my face I went downstairs to answer. A man with coffee coloured skin and raven black hair was at the door.

"Hiya! Iri..." he trailed off when he saw it wasn't Iris. "What do you want?" I growled menacingly whilst fingering my knife. "Err, I just wanted to see if Iris wanted to come with me to the Nirvana concert in town." he said nervously. I was seething, how dare he act like she was his! "No, she won't! She doesn't want to go out with some Ken doll like you! Pathetic bitch!" I growled.

Iris's POV

"Jeff! Leave off! Go and make some toast or something," I yelled from behind him. I stepped forwards to speak to him. "Jax! Long time no see, been ages since we played tag in the front garden," he smiled and said "yeah ages, we were like novia & novio. Anyway I just wondered about if you wanted to come to the Navanda gig with me?" I felt Jeffs hatred radiating off him.

"Sorry Jax, I'm going with someone else." I said and then felt Jeffs presence go, Jax's face hardened and he nodded and stormed out of the garden. I entered the kitchen and Jeff was stood by the toaster, he was absent-mindedly spooning peanut butter in his mouth. "Jeff!" I shouted, he quickly looked up "I want some of that on my toast so don't eat it all!"

We quietly ate the toast triangles until I said "I need to do something, are you okay by yourself?" he nodded and I left the room. I put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a american football style top before heading to the hospital.

The doctors stood up as I came in, "have you reached a decision?" the old one asked me softly. I nodded and said "I'm gonna let her go, she would do the same if the situation was backwards."

"Would you like some time to be alone with her?" another one asked, I nodded again and entered the cubicle. All the memories came flooding back to me as I gazed at my mum, her teaching me to read, helping me with homework, teaching me to ride a bike and swim. I admired my sick and dying mum and whispered "never ever forget that I love you so so much and I'll be up with you and Daddy real soon, ok?" tears now streamed freely down my face.

A doctor switched of the breathing apparatus, my mum's breathing went really odd and then stillness

Absolute stillness

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