Horrible choice- part 1

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Iris's POV

It was a few days after the prom and I stood at the cooker stirring the paella, Duncan was sitting at the table doing homework and Sophie was watching pewdiepie on my IPhone in the living room. Everything was going swimmingly, it felt like we were a normal family. I was going to have to shatter it, how can you explain to your little brother that you can't come to his basketball final.

"Dunc, I'm sorry if I can't always be there for you." I started to say as I sat opposite him at the dining table, "that's ok Iris. Why are you bringing it up now?" he asked. "Because I... I.... I can't come to your game, I'm really sor-" I was cut off  "but Iris you promised!". I tried to explain "I know I did, but Hot Sportz need me as they have a bunch of new stock and theirs a 90% sale. I'll try to come next time bud-" I was cut off again "stop trying to be mum! You'll never be as good as she wa- is!" he yelled. I let the hurt tear at me like a tornado.

I abruptedly stood up and yelled "Sof, dinners ready!"  she came running in but then saw what was in the bowls, "we had this......" she trailed off when she saw my face "well I'm sorry if I'm not as good as mum!" I snapped and grabbed my bowl. We silently ate some of our meal, "Iris I'm sorry," Duncan whispered "I didn't mean that." tears were brimming over his eyelids. "Your the best parent ever, you have 4 jobs so you can feed us and you rarely see you friends after school." tears were dribbling down his cheeks.

I pulled him onto my lap and rocked him, "I know you didn't mean it," I soothed as he cried into my cheast. Sophie patted him on the back and said "Iris is trying her best,  sure she's a bit grouchy and skipped school to-" she stopped dead in her tracks at my warning look, once everyone had charmed down we carried on eating even though it was only lukewarm. I had just loaded  the plates and other utensils into the dishwasherbwhen I heared a ear-bleeding noise, it made nails on a chalkboard sound like a weirdo song Sophies always listening to.

Me and the twins ran upstairs to our mum's room, she was spazzing out when we got there. A hacking cough racking her delicate body. Sophie called 999 in panic and we were all rushed to hospital. They plugged my mum up to about 30 different machines, they operated. Me and the twins waited impatiently for any news. Finally a greasy haired doctor came and pulled me aside,"young lady are you the eldest?" he asked, "yeah. Why?" he took a deep breath and said "your mum has gone into a coma which we expect she will never wake up from, you have the decisions to leave her in a coma or turn the life support off. Either way you loose the twins and they will be put into the system. I'm so very sorry,"

I felt like I was being drownd, hearing the words but not properly understanding them, I eventually said "can I go home and think about this?" the old doctor nodded and said "the twins stay here though." I nodded this time.

Sorry about the parts thing it's just I like to get my chaps out quick for you to read and this would be a super long one so I split it

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