Prom-part 1

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Jeff's POV

The car is the one that slendy owns...

I secured the red mask over my face, I am so glad that Iris's prom is masked and I could go with he. Slender lent me his black and red Koenigsegg , I wanted Iris to turn up in style. I looked I at the mirror and said seductively "Bond, Jeffrey Bond!" whilst I struck a pose.

Hoody who just walked past cracked up and yelled "YOUR INSANE JEFF!" I chuckled at his remark and then heard slendy's car. "I know!" I said sweetly to Hoody and opened the door for Slenderman to enter. "Don't get anything on the interior Jeff, especially no sex." slendy's static voice told. "No fear, the gearstick will probably go up my arsehole!" I said whilst plucking the keys from from his hand.

I pulled up infront of Iris's house, I got out the car and climbed up to her bedroom window and tapped quietly on it. Iris head snapped to where I was crouching and I motioned for her to meet me down stairs, I also jumped down to meet her as well.

When she opened the door I was leaning against the Koenigsegg, her hands flew to her mouth and she mumbled "where the hell did you get that?". "It's Slendermans, even that old prick likes a bit of style and speed," I replied whilst guideing Iris to the passenger seat, once we were both strapped in I started the car up.

I sped down the M60 towards are destination, "it's a really nice place." Iris told me and then saw the speedo "JEFF! For fucksake slow down, your doing 341mph!" I slowed down a miniscule amount , we were their in under 20 minutes.

Countless eyes followed the vehicle to the parking lot, Iris secured her mask on her face and I checked mine was as well. "You ready?" she whispered. I nodded and opened the door and Iris mirrored my movement, we got several stares a as we entered the mansion. It reminded me about where I used to live.

Iris handed the tickets and we entered the main hall, into the snake pit.

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