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Why does love have to bring two people so close together that it's actually destroying them in its own little way. Love works in a
fashion that ties lovers together, if it's true love those ties will last forever.

Say. A man and a woman were going to have a child, they were excited, correct. You would be correct, the man was talking about being a Dad to all his mates and how he couldn't wait to be a Dad. But then, she took a turn for the worst, it turns out she just wasn't strong enough to have more than one child, twins. They were the death of her.

The man was destroyed in so many ways, he didn't know how to cope, so he just cried and cried, morning over his dead wife. Him and this woman had gone through hell and back but now she was... Gone.

See? The husband wasn't the only one morning that night. The man's friend who was deeply in love with the lady but after having a affair once and being caught he let her go, she no longer had feelings for him but he still had deep ones that he could now never get rid of.

Maybe if the man hadn't wanted kids or the lady still wanted that abortion she would be alive and the man happy and not a widower.

There is many cases of this and the couple is just added to the long line of them.

Do you still wonder what this couple was called? Well, all you need to know was she was a lovely little Iris for her husband, Jeffery.

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