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Mentally loved //JeffTheKillerXReader\\ by X_AXL_X
Mentally loved // X_AXL_X
||"I don't know what's gotten into me. I don't know what gave me the idea to do it but here I am. Arms wrapped around his neck, his fingers tugging my hair pulling...
Creepypasta x male reader: Snow Angel (ON HOLD) by kingawkwardghost
Creepypasta x male reader: Snow AwkwardlyGhosty
A boy left behind and forgotten turned into an ice cold fighter. In the new life, will boy fit into his new role in the mansion or will his past life catch up to him? ...
Jeff The Killer X Reader by PshycosisHaveI
Jeff The Killer X Readerby PsychosisHaveI
After a new proxy shows up, everyone is curious to learn what's under the mask. Cover is not mine, cred to to the original artist!
Worthless (jeff the killer x fem reader) by That_Storyteller
Worthless (jeff the killer x fem That_Storyteller
Kidnaped at 12 I'v lived at slender mansion for four years now. I work and maintain the grounds during the days while the creepypasta sleep. Ingrained in my head over t...
Jeff the killer X reader - A psycho and his queen  by anonymous__ash
Jeff the killer X reader - A Ash
☠️♥️When you meet Jeff for the first time when him and his family moved in, you knew something was different about him. It pulled you closer to him, but you had no idea...
To Live without Fear [Jeff the KillerxReader] by Jcreeps
To Live without Fear [Jeff the Jcreeps
The one thing every living creature has in common is fear. Fear keeps us alive, drives us forward, and makes us still. Jeff the Killer thought he knew everything about f...
Jeff the killer X Male Reader by Ross_Jessica_Adams
Jeff the killer X Male Readerby Ross L.S.
M/n was the average bullied sleep deprived boy in his school. Everything about him was normal, they is except for him knowing a certain murder.
Jeff the Killer x Reader  by Yumeko-san_uwu
Jeff the Killer x Reader by Yumeko Jabami
Zabieramy się do roboty, chce też powiedzieć że to moja pierwsza tego typu książka więc mam nadzieje że się spodoba ❤❤❤
Jeff the Killer x reader by xXSoulDeadXx
Jeff the Killer x readerby xXSoulDeadXx
//CONTAINS CURSING AND SEXUAL CONTENT// Hope you like (Wasted a lot of time on this)
Lovely - Jeff the Killer x Reader by jupiters-star
Lovely - Jeff the Killer x Readerby Jup
"Do I scare you, detective?" He asked in a dark voice. "A little." I admitted quietly. "Why's that?" He asked. I could feel his breath on m...
Creepypasta Lemons 🍋 by liixiaoo
Creepypasta Lemons 🍋by Lii Xiao
creepypasta lemon oneshots, request are always open! it includes sexual content, so good luck you sinners. also contact me on discord if there is any problems. lii.mp3...
She's my little girl (Jeff the killerxchild!female reader) by Laineyloulougirl12
She's my little girl (Jeff the LouLou bell
Y/n's a 7 year old girl that lives with her abusive farther and she wants a better life like the other kids but them she meets someone that could just save her
Midnight Kisses by RaevynEden
Midnight Kissesby Baybfayce
*Contains Adult Content Read at your own risk* Jeff the Killer kidnapps you to be his little submissive. Will you survive or will he kill you? This book contains nonsexu...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by SMF420
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Carrot Eating Python
Hello, fellow CP lovers out there! Welcome to yet another reader insert! Wow, such originality. Much creative. I love Creepypasta as much as that guy over there, and I’...
He's my father(creepy pasta) by CreepcakeTheReaper
He's my father(creepy pasta)by Creepcake Eternal
-+-+-+-+- For years I've been made fun of because of my hair, it's softer than silk, it doesn't make knots, it's never been to long or to short(at least not for me), it...
The Hatred That Fuels You (Homicidal Liu x Mute Reader) by The_Pseudonymous_One
The Hatred That Fuels You ( The_Pseudonymous_One
Normal. What is normal? Normal is defined as the usual, typical, or expected state or condition. But what is it really? I thought I was normal. But others say i'm differ...
This story is about a girl named Y/n, (that means your name you pretty bitch) Along the way tea will be spilt, it gets better as the chapters progress
Jeff The Killer X  Vampire!Reader by llJazzyWolfll
Jeff The Killer X Vampire!Readerby llJazzyWolfll
I don't know what else to do so I'm gonna start a spectrum fanfiction, so here you go. Also the cloud parts are the prologue and the epilogue (I'll label which is which)...
Jeffthekillerxreader (Smut Included) by Mr_Scream
Jeffthekillerxreader (Smut Mr_Scream
This will contain some smut, this story does not consist of what you would normally read from the other stories.
chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [Not this again!] by SamV73
chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [ Samael V
this is a sequel, if you haven't read the first one, please read it before this. (Y/n) missed her friends, it's been three months since they defeated alex and saved her...