Home again

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I've decided to carry on a little bit longer, I've also got another creepy pasta book.

Jeff's POV

I struggled through the open window, swearing whilst doing it. "Omg! You look so funny!" Iris chuckled. She had been in hospital for a few days, getting stronger and also talking to a therapist, "you'll be going home tomorrow, heard the nurse and your consultant talking 'bout it." I said, out of breath from the fight with the window.

We were talking for a bit and the convo turned to school, "I know that I want to see Rohna and Larissa, but not Aston and his cronies!" Iris sighed.

Suppressing a smile I said. "Maybe you wont have to," she gave me a inquisitive look "a boy raped my friend. I went after the boy. Stabbed the boy. Burnt him in his own house fire. And visited my friend." I said in monotone, Iris said nothing and just hugged me. At the same time worst thing that could happen, happened...

Sophie barged into the room, we froze in our hug and stared. Sophie wined "sis Duncan keeps pulli-" she stopped abruptly when she spotted us together, "sis, who is that?" she nervously stammered.

Iris's POV

I started explaining to my sister who Jeff was. "Erm... His name is Jeff and he's a close friend off mine... So he's, erm come to visit me. Yeah." I finished. "Erm, I've gotta go, see you later?" mumbled Jeff. "Okay see ya whenever." I said, he was clearly feeling awkward around my sister.

"Baby girl, I'm really tired. I'm coming home tomorrow so I'll see you then, ok?" I said, Sophie just nodded and went out the room. As I drifted off into a presumed nightmare I was wondering about home...

"Hiya guys! I'm back!" I yelled as the twins came in. I was discharged this morning and I thought I would surprise the twins, "Iris!" they yelled as I caught them in a hug.

We had the best evening, watching movies and eating takeaway pizza. I sent Duncan upstairs to brush his teeth and have a wash when Sophie asked me something. "Sis, can I meet that man again? He could make a good boyfriend or even a good husband." I stared at her before finally nodding.

Sophie waited in my room for Jeff, when he eventually knocked on the window I said to Sophie, "open the window. Don't worry he's not a murderer!" quickly Sophie undone the latch and let Jeff in "Why is she here?" he said immediately. "She wanted to meet you properly," I answered. He looked awkward for a moment before mumbling "so... Kid what do you do for fun?" she smiled deviously a dragged a worried jeff into the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later Jeff appeared, face plastered in heavy make-up, hair braided and nails painted. As soon as he walked in the room I started laughing my head off, "you l-look lovely Jeff." I snickered. "What? What the fuck do I look like?!" Jeff said whilst grabbing my compact mirror. "Wow.. Err lots of make up," he said and whiped his forearm over his face and shaking out the braids

We watched the Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1. Near the end, Sophie pushed my hand onto Jeff's but I quickly snatched it back "young lady, bed.... NOW." I whispered, she moaned a bit but eventually went to bed.

"Sorry Jeff, she thinks I need a boyfriend or some crap along that line." I apologized, "maybe you do." Jeff muttered. I stared with disbelief but he carried on "you're great Iris but mayb-" I cut him off by saying "what about them Jeff? I can't leave them whilst I go out on dates! And my mum who needs constant looking after and medical help. Also I can't handle a relationship right now, I've just fucking been raped Jeff!" tears were now streaming down my face, my anger overflowing like a volcano spewing lava. "What if I did go on a date with someone? What if I married that someone? And then that went away and got killed, leaving me with children? And then I got ill, having huge medical bills. What if my oldest has to give up her dreams to look after the others and she has to have 4 jobs, a restricted education and only a pinch of friends? What if I end up on a life support machine breathing for me? And my kids have to make the decision to turn it off or not!" I yelled, tears stained my cheeks and I curled up in a ball and ignored Jeff. "Iree, I didn't know all that. I'm sorry." he whispered. "I forgive you. But that's the reson why I hate dating" I whispered back.

"You should get going but first I got to ask you something." I said, once I carmed down, "what?" Jeff said, whilst chucking on a charcoal grey hoodie. "Will you come to the prom with me? it's a masked prom so knowone will see your face?" he thought about it for a moment and then nodded. "See ya tomorrow," I said and he waved back before jumping out the window.

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