*1 year later*

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Iris's POV

I was awoken by the shrill beeping of the alarm clock, then watched as that said alarm clock goes flying out the window followed by Jeff getting out of bed cursing mornings.

Its clear that Jeff isn't a morning person

It has already been a year and mine and Jeff's relationship has grown stronger and Hoody is still single but most of all we haven't had any little visits from Jane, Liu or Masky.

I had a shower then sat on a diner stool in the kitchen and a pile of Jeff's homemade pancakes appeared in front of me, ravenous I dug in. Half way through Hoody took a seat on a empty stools and begin to eat a millionaires cheesecake.

"Isn't a close friend of both of you coming today?" I asked after I had finished my pancakes. "Yeah, he'll be here soon, we better get changed." Hoody answered. I put on some short shorts and my school leavers hoodie, as I walked out of our room the door bell rung so I opened it.

Infornt of me stood a blonde man who looked like Link from Zelda, his perverted eyes raked my body- stopping at my mid section- I cringed "my eyes are up here!" I snapped before Jeff called him in. His disturbing eyes locked onto mine and he gave me a pervy smile.

The man who looked like Link was actually called BEN Drowned, ironically he did drowned. "So," BEN said "does she have any hidden talents?" referring to me. "Yeah, Iris is a fantastic singer." Jeff replied, he nodded and said "cool, I'll have to hear her sometime." I shook my head "I only sing for Jeff!" I growled, BEN smirked and raised a eyebrow "do you now?" Hoody noticing that this convocation was getting a bit heated decided to change the subject.

"Hay Jeff, go and make lunch?" Hoody asked politely, Jeff nodded and motioned me to help, I don't know why- I'm not that good at cooking! "Iree, you don't like my friend, do you?" he asked, "how did you guess?" I replied sarcastically and Jeff just laughed and said "I have my ways."

A few hours later BEN left and Jeff went out to kill.

Hoody turned the TV on just in time for the 6pm news.

"We have a breaking news announcement!" the lady said "In the small town of Farnham two twin orphans called Sophie and Duncan Morerose were brutally killed 15 minutes ago," I watched in horror as my siblings pictures floated on the screen "the only clue was the slit smiles and 'go to sleep' in blood on the wall." at that point I heard the door open, I whipped around to see Jeff covered in blood with a look of anguish on his face.

Jeff must of killed them.

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