A liar And A Cheat: Part 2

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Jeff's POV

I saw Hoody and Iris in our bed, naked! "YOU.... IN OUR BED.... FUCKED....... YOU PRICK!" I screeched and lunged at Hoody, pinning him by the neck against the headboard, I squeezed harder and watched him turn blue "I love Iris, why in your puny immortal existence did you think you could shove your tongue down her throat?" I demanded whilst squeezing tighter and I could feel his heart rate slow "if you loved me, you'll let Hoody go." Iris said with a hint of guilt in her tone, I threw Hoody to the ground and turned my attention to Iris.

"Why?" I asked her, "why Jeff?- They were my babies!" she demanded, "didn't Hoody tell you?" I asked, she stared at me with a confused look and shook her head "I didn't kill Sophie or Duncan- it was Liu and he framed me for it" I explained. "Jeff, I'm really sorry, I just wanted to get back at you." she said, I heard a cough behind me and saw Hoody was getting up "you are made for eachother," Hoody said and shuffled out the room.

"So, you wouldn't of slept with Hoody if you had known about your siblings real killer?" I asked and Iris shook her head again. "Are you pissed at me?" she asked and I replied "a little," and Iris nodded understandably. "I'm going for a quick shower," she said a few minutes later and headed to our on-suite bathroom.

I hated being angry at her, so when she was just about to open the door I ran up to her and spun her around and kissed her deeply, she was surprised at first bit then gave me permission into her mouth and I took it. "It sucks to stay angry at you," I mumbled against her lips and I felt Iris smile, she left my arms and went into the bathroom. Before she shut the door I asked "you did use protection?" and Iris nodded.

I bumped into Hoody as I entered "Jeff I-" he didn't even get to finish before my fist collided with his face and I heard a crunching noise meaning that I broke his nose "if you EVER try ANYTHING with Iris again, it won't just be your nose that is broken and you'll be spending some quality time in darkness!" I threatened and as I walked into the kitchen I yelled "and I don't do empty threats!"


3 months later

Hoody started to avoid me and Iris and I was teaching Iris my favorite pass-time  (besides killing) cooking.

I walked in, drenched in blood, after killing a couple of small family's. Tomorrow will mark the 8th anniversary of when I went insane and killed my own family, "hiya babe!" Iris said as she walked over to me and Hoody turned around and nodded his head in greeting- despite what happened I decided to let him live here- Iris kissed me on my nose the started to pull me towards our room.

I carefully pushed Iris onto the covers and kissed her neck "wanna little fun?" I asked her and she smirked and pulled me on for another kiss. I gave it all I had and we both enjoyed it, a lot,  "I love you Jeff," Iris mumbled, it was rare for Iris to say I love you first and I replied sleeperly "I love you to."

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