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Jeff's POV

I hopped in my black Dodge Charger , all the pastas have good cars thanks to Slendy. I thought about last night  how much blood could have been shed, as I thought about blood my insanity level sky rocketed and I gripped the steering wheel in desperation for it not to come, it was no good though.

I swerved into a near empty car park, and brought out my knife, I had stopped off at forest cabin holiday park.

I snuck round the back of the first cabin I saw, the French doors were open leading to a master bedroom with a lady in her late 20s sleeping. I smirked and decided to have some fun with her. Gently I slid in next to her and started to make random patterns on her bare back lightly with my knife, she moaned and faced me, still sleeping.

I grazed the tip of my knife along her chest so it just broke the skin and a small amount of blood trickled down onto the lilac covers. Her eyes shot open and she opened her mouth wide to scream, before she could make a noise I thrust my weapon in her mouth-killing her instantly. Bits of severed tongue and muscle flew everywhere, lots of blood, lots and lots of blood spilled over the silky covers. I carve a smile in her pale face plus write go to sleep on the wall above the bed. I still needed more blood.

I practically dance around the camp, slitting people's throats and playing around with a few people as well.

I lean against my car with a pint glass full to the brim with other peoples blood, then look at my stolen I-Watch and realized o had 33 minutes to get home, shower, pack and pick Iris up.

I sped to the house and rushed in. Thank God Hoody had got my message and already packed, I quickly strip and take a shower. I shove a hoodie and jeans on "I'll meet you at the van!" Hoody yelled after me.

Iris is ready when I pull up at the mannor, she waves to her friends- who's eyes pop out when they see my car and jumps in. She is really excited on the way home "the lights are going to be amazing! Even if o don't get to gamble it will still be fun." she babbled.

Sorry this chap was c***, I'm rushing this chapter and the next as my older cousin is coming over and she said she would write the *cough* sex *cough* bit   for me

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