Blue Moon

Blue Moon

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✧m✧ By Direction_Minx Updated Jun 05, 2017

Alpha's seem to go to all lengths to get an omega, and when the royal Horan family has a omega boy, it seems everyone is at each other's throats to have him. 

But Niall Blue Horan, the beautiful Prince, had laid eyes on four alpha's, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn, and those four alpha's, seemed to be equally in love. 

But they will face many obstacles as they fall in love, because no alpha wolf will except Niall has been mated, and it seems more then werewolves want a piece of omega royalty. 

WARNINGS: mpreg, smut, violence, cross dressing

  • alpha
  • angst
  • bromance
  • harry
  • liam
  • louis
  • mpreg
  • niall
  • violence
  • wolves
  • zayn
  • zianourry
loveann13 loveann13 Jun 01, 2017
sooo you only care about him because hes what if he wasn't special?
                              let me stop with these what ifs XD
_1mperfecti0n_ _1mperfecti0n_ Feb 03, 2017
I've reread this book many times and I always hate this part. Like yea okay I get it his mom is dead and she put effort into all that but he said it himself he doesn't like girl clothes just let him wear the clothes he wants
xxNikita1dxoxo xxNikita1dxoxo Apr 19, 2016
No offence but boys clothes are really uncomfortable. Plus male clothes hardly have many choices unlike female clothing !
Olivia5Hemmings Olivia5Hemmings Oct 08, 2016
I thought you said the first few chapters were supposed to suck? This was amazing holy crap <3
Barbie_Doll_Harry Barbie_Doll_Harry Jul 01, 2016
I was about to tear up when I read, 'sweet dreams my love'...until I realized it said sweat XD
carlydraeger carlydraeger May 24, 2015
loved it you should read my story we have just met`  about Niall