The Goddess of Music [UtaPri fanfic]

The Goddess of Music [UtaPri fanfic]

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キツネコ(Kitsuneko) By k1tsuneko Updated Aug 07

Miyako is an idol and a composer. She debuted near the same time Quartet Night did, but she knew each of them prior to the group debut, meeting each during separate times in her life. 

She, as an upperclassmen, is assigned as the mentor of Haruka Nanami. As she passes her days with her colleagues and underclassmen in the dormitories, Haruka and the STARISH members start to find out about Miyako's secret past. In the meantime, Miyako and Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus's relationship continues to evolve. What will happen if "friendship" turns into "love" in the strictly love-forbidden environment?


*Notice: The title has been changed from "Quartet Night and the Goddess" to "The Goddess of Music". Apologies for the inconvenience.

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shinigami4869 shinigami4869 Sep 10, 2017
hi. I'm from Vietnnamese. Your story is so interesting. Can I translate it to my mother tongue?
marshy_coffee marshy_coffee Oct 14, 2016
My birthday oh my libra!!!! Never been related to a fanfic this much before! I think I'm hyperventilating 😆😤😆😤
NarakunoHana666 NarakunoHana666 Oct 18, 2015
This is great, you know, considering you're only seven years old.
PanchanT_Tu PanchanT_Tu Aug 20, 2014
@Miyako_Hikaru oh ok srry bout tht! Thx for letting me know though :D
k1tsuneko k1tsuneko Aug 19, 2014
@PanchanT_Tu Yes. I was aware. You'll find out why I made Miyako call Ai "Mikaze" instead of "Ai" later. *winks*
PanchanT_Tu PanchanT_Tu Aug 19, 2014
Mikaze Ai........... Mikaze is his last name not first name. Ai is his first name. I wasn't sure if you knew that or not but I just said it just in case.