Quartet Night's Composer (Uta no Prince-sama x Reader) by Mizushima_Izumi
Quartet Night's Composer (Uta no P...by Izumi
[[COMPLETED]] You, (Y/n) (L/n), are a composer for one of the popular idol group, Quartet Night. You've known the group since day 1 of the Master Course for the both o...
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Voices Of A Distant Star(Shion x Reader) by Amane8009
Voices Of A Distant Star(Shion x R...by ⛄Amane❄
Amakausa Shion and (Y/n) used to be best of friends, till she had to leave him behind and move to America. They were childhood friends who had been nearly inseparable, w...
  • shionamakusa
  • shion
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Broken (uta no prince Sama fanfic) by pikachu418751
Broken (uta no prince Sama fanfic)by Risa Yoshida
It's about Nanami's sister . I'm sorry Nanami is out of character. This is the greatest story of them all!
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UtaPri Lemons by nancygordillo14
UtaPri Lemonsby Queen of Six Gravity
There aren't many of these idols so why not do them enjoy your love making with you favorite idols
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Uta pri x reader by Jiwa_Yuuki
Uta pri x readerby Jiwa_Yuuki
Request are open
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Into The Anime World??!! by Meloisca
Into The Anime World??!!by Callista Stefanie
Just want to say that I do not own anything about this character anime! And sorry for the grammar thing. Biggest Idea and Credit goes to: SheIsAHellishAngel -> Grimo...
  • onepiece
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Aishiteru by Storm-Girl
Aishiteruby Storm-Girl
I am Y/n, I used to live with my grandma in America. But one day my life got completely flipped upside down, Some Blue haired boy showed up at my house. What shall becom...
  • syokurusu
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Various Anime X Reader Oneshots by KandiRaverQueen
Various Anime X Reader Oneshotsby 🍬Kandi Raver Queen🍬
Collections of one-shots based on your requests from the shows I've watched or mangas I've read
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Uta No Prince Sama Boyfriend Scenarios by JinxCurseblood
Uta No Prince Sama Boyfriend Scena...by Curseblood17
I try my best to make this for both genders. Requests are always open. I maked this for fun and because I love Utapri. I can't promise that will be good. I don't own Sta...
  • syo
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A Syo Kurusu Love Story by LoveSpell770
A Syo Kurusu Love Storyby LoveSpell770
Syo X Reader "He has beautiful pink hair and big blue eyes," you explained to your friend, completely drunk in your thoughts about the STARISH idol. "I re...
  • shoukurusu
  • shortstory
  • utapri
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Uta no Prince Sama One-Shots by PZSkyeNightcorelover
Uta no Prince Sama One-Shotsby PZSkye Otome Games Lover
Just a book of Utapri one-shots! *Uta no Prince Sama's Characters (and everything of it) and photos are not mine! Everything belongs to its original owner! Only my story...
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Uta no prince sama (A somewhat maybe different story) by DarkCherryXP
Uta no prince sama (A somewhat may...by Alyssa Kathleen Allycat Greer
A Story about Love and Friendship. About Music, and you. A story Called Uta no☆Prince~sama. (Various X Reader) I guess..
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Uta No Prince Sama scenarios by NaturalMisfit
Uta No Prince Sama scenariosby NaturalMisfit
Just random scenarios with the utapri boys. Note: Includes season 4. Requests are open.
  • starish
  • heaven
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Saki: Quartet Night's Composer by Zecha13
Saki: Quartet Night's Composerby Zecha
Shining Saki, Daughter of Shining Saotome was assigned to be Quartet Night's composer, since Nanami Haruka went with ST⭐RISH on their tour around Japan, Saki is a tempor...
  • ranmaru
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Uta no Prince-Sama (Various x readers) by MiuMiichiChoco
Uta no Prince-Sama (Various x read...by MiuMiichiChoco
WILL NOT TAKE REQUESTS ANYMORE Are you ready? ///points a finger at you Hewo princes and princess! Welcome to this Various x reader for all of your favorite princes! ~ R...
  • fanfiction
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A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sama by Princess-KitKat
A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sa...by 『 キャット ∥ kat 』
[ Quartet Night X Reader ] Being childhood friends with Otoya from way back when you both lived in the orphanage, it's only natural that you've already met all...
  • camusxreader
  • kotobukireijixreader
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the idols race for love, are you ready? | utapri by Princess-KitKat
the idols race for love, are you r...by 『 キャット ∥ kat 』
『 all the utapri boys x reader 』 --- In a flash, an array of colors explode, school comes and goes, each meeting acting as a chance encounter and every friends...
  • quartetnight
  • ittokiotoya
  • ichinosetokiya
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The Muse by kirariidol
The Museby kirariidol
STARISH had finally achieved the fame and fortune that they would've never thought of possible...but only with the help of their talented composer, Nanami Haruka. But as...
  • romance
  • ryuya
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Uta No Prince Sama Oneshots *Finished* by KandiRaverQueen
Uta No Prince Sama Oneshots *Finis...by 🍬Kandi Raver Queen🍬
I'm a total Uta no prince sama fan girl so I thought I would do this.
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Deeper In The Trashcan by iiNanami-Harukaii
Deeper In The Trashcanby ❀
More utapri fanart for all<3
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