The Goddess Voice (Uta No Pri Fanfic) *COMPLETE*

The Goddess Voice (Uta No Pri Fanfic) *COMPLETE*

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LoneWarrior8 By LoneWarrior8 Completed

A girl named Melody comes to Saotome Academy with her best friend Nanami Haruka. Both of them strives to become professional composers but Melody has a hidden talent yet to be found. 

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2nd book is out! Yayyy!!!

PS: There will be spelling mistakes and all that jazz. This is my 1st Fan fic so pls forgive muah. 

I don't own any of Uta No Prince Sama. Im just a fan writing a fan fiction of one of my favorite anime. All ownership rights to the songs I will be using here.

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icescoups icescoups Nov 02
You are my senpai, my only senpai
                              You give me dokis and shades of grey
                              You'll never notice me
                              But I still love you
                              You're sugoi, kawaii desudee
                               'Please notice me!'
Pretty much meeeeeeeeee but I can only play violin and drums
you are going to make me cry my mom sang this song to me when I was little.
Your going to make me have nightmares... this sing came out in the movie The Creation Of Annabell😅🔫
AshaCake AshaCake Oct 04, 2016
OH NO NOT THIS! I felt so bad for Nanami when i watched the anime xd
Suga_Suga_Baby Suga_Suga_Baby Oct 30, 2016
0-0 t-the day you said for melody i-is my b-birhtday........0o0