Quartet Night's Composer (Uta no Prince-sama x Reader)

Quartet Night's Composer (Uta no Prince-sama x Reader)

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You, (Y/n) (L/n), are a composer for one of the popular idol group, Quartet Night. You've known the group since day 1 of the Master Course for the both of you.

One day, a new idol group entered, they were called STARISH. The five of you were then assigned to be the senpai (senior) of STARISH. However, you unintentionally caught the attention of the idols that you've met.

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I agree, Oto-chan is so cute~ and so is Ran-kun~ Great chapter :) Can't wait for more ^,^
Great start :D Though Ringo-chan is a he and not a she... He's pretty cool when he's not crossdressing :D