In Too Deep

In Too Deep

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Skye's parents were killed and she was put into foster care at the age of 11.  

Now at the age of 18, she's a legal adult with no where to go and no one to help her. So she turned to the club. 

She's a stripper living a decent life. But what happens when the cutest stud Skye has even seen came in the club and requests a private dance?

Offering a higher paying job at The Bunny, Skye accepts before realizing that Zayne was more than the mere owner of The Bunny but the ruthless King Pen, Z, of Easton. And she has taken a special liking to Skye. 

But will they last with Zayne's infidelity and Skye's trust issues? Will Zayne be okay with Skye shaking her ass and removing her clothes for money? Will Skye be happy knowing Zayne could be murdered at any moment while she's selling drugs and weapons?

But more importantly, will she be Zayne's ride or die?

  • cash
  • danger
  • deals
  • death
  • drugs
  • ganglife
  • gangster
  • generalfiction
  • girls
  • guns
  • kingpin
  • lesbian
  • love
  • money
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  • thug
  • urban
Lol I was thinking of a whole different strap til I saw it say pink heels 👀💀💀
The description of this story sounded too good, then tjey got Siya 😻😻 ooh let's get ittt 👅
Newbeginning94 Newbeginning94 Nov 06, 2015
I love how bold and upfront Skye is lol... This was a great update.
Hanox2 Hanox2 Jul 01, 2015
I quite enjoyed this chapter, don't be so hard on yourself. It was simple and informing, enough to start the story off. Good imagery I hope to see more updates soon.
Hanox2 Hanox2 Jun 30, 2015
Great! I'm loving the characters and can't wait to see where you'll be taking this story.