Keyed Cars

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Keyed Cars


I watched them make the coke. Fi was downstairs and I heard a round of shots go off. I walked towards the sound and saw Banks standing over a crackhead with a broken glass pipe in her hands.

"Bitch tried to attack me." Banks said. "Had to let the whole round in her ass. PCP make a bitch trippy."

"Yo, I need to make a drop. Come with me. I need some fucking heat. Especially after last time." I said.

He followed me towards the car and I watched Fi checking the outside. We drove down to the Marina which was abandoned. A group of men were sitting there playing cards.

They stopped when they spotted us. They withdrew their guns and eyed the briefcase.

"Where Marks? Tell him it's Z. 5 kilos of Angel Dust." I said, not at all intimidated.

Banks was smirking. We were wearing semiautomatic weapons while they had revolvers. It was 5 against 2 but our weapons were a hell of a lot faster.

Marks came out, a wide smile on his face. "Z! My friend!"

His skin glistened with sweat and I could smell his aftershave all the way over here. His gold tooth gleamed in the dim light.

He opened the briefcase and tasted it. He smiled and snapped his fingers.

"Perfect. Give her the money." He said, as the man passed me the duffel bag.

Only one. This shit cost 10 G's and this was a little ass bag. Banks sensed this and pulled out both of his guns.

"You tryna play me, Marks?" I asked, pulling out my gun as well.

He smirked but his eyes looked frantic. His boys pulled out guns as well but they're still those fucked slow revolvers.

"This is $10,000." He insisted.

I shot him in the skull. He went down and Banks immediately let out fire as we rolled behind the metal table. I grabbed the money and drugs.

Banks was shooting down the extra people who weren't killed. We gassed the place down and set fire to it. We sped away.

I groaned, "These niggas go learn."

At the Club...

I counted the drugs and calculated the money it'd bring in. My door flew open and I pointed my gun at the door.

I saw Skye who was frozen.

"Shit. My bad, ma."

I threw a blanket over the coke and weed on the table. She snatched her arm away from me.

"What the fuck is that?!" She exclaimed.

"Chill out. Don't worry about it. Fuck you want?" I asked, sucking my teeth.

I don't like being yelled at. She'll learn soon enough.

"Whatever. I came to give you yo cut." She handed me some stacks and walked away.

I was once again in shock. Her ass was so perfect. Even in her loose jeans. Her ass was jiggling and round.

I shook my head, clearing those thoughts. Money over bitches. This empire don't run itself.

At The Night Club...

"I need some pussy tonight." I said to Tubby.

She smirked, her eyes watching the girls around us. "You not the only one."

Banks was eyeing some white girl who looked strung the fuck out. Montana was dancing with some feminine ass little nigga and Fi was flirting with a tall black man.

I walked towards the bar with Tubby behind me. I saw a round ass in a tight black dress standing next to two other girls.

"Damn." Tubby said, staring at the girls.

"Ayo, refill their drinks. On us." I told the bartender.

He did as told and pointed at us. The girls turned and my jaw fell open. Skye looked at me with distaste and whispered something to her friends beside her. The one with smooth light skin and blonde hair was stuck on Tubby.

She strutted over and touched Tubby's arm. "You cute as hell."

Tubby smirked, "Thanks ma. So are you."

"Rio." She said.


I walked away and went towards Skye. She was laughing with her friend. I stood behind her and her friend smirked.

"Hey shawty." I said, pressing against her.

She moved away from me. "Don't touch me Zayne."

"Why not, sexy?" I asked stepping forward.

"I don't like drug addicts." She said, moving away again.

I laughed. Most people instantly guessed I was Z. Not many studs run shit here and not many go by Z.

"Trust me, I'm not an addict." I said, "I mean, I just sell the shit."

"For who?" Her friend asked.

"Z." I said.

Skye's face looked passive. Like she didn't care but I could see the wonder in her eyes. She wanted to know if I was lying or not.

"Probably lying." She said.

"What does it matter to you anyways?" I asked.

"It just does." She said, downing her drink.

"But why? If I'm a junkie, just let me waste away." I said.

Her eyes got real angry and she tossed her drink in my face before storming off. Her friend went after her and I felt myself grew agitated but I felt kind of anxious.

Usually girls fell at my feet. I loved that kind of shit but it got old. This though, the chase would be fun. She was something else too. But right now, I wanted easy pussy.

I fished around for another fine ass girl. I found one with a nice size ass. She smirked at me and began dancing seductively when she saw me watching her.

I pressed against her and she kept dancing. She definitely wanted it.

"Wanna get out of here?" She whispered to me.

"Hell yeah. Back to yours?" I asked.

She nodded, "Let me tell my friends I'm gone."

"Me too." I said.

My niggas will go crazy if they can't find me and I don't answer my phone. Go shoot some shit up for no reason.

I found Tubby in the bathroom stroking Rio with her strap. "Ayo, I'm out. I'll see you tomorrow nigga."

I felt her fist bump me from the bathroom stall and I left. I found Banks smoking outside, zipping his zipper up.

"I'm gone." I said, dapping him up.

Fi was making out against her truck and I threw up the deuces. She returned them before throwing her head back. Montana was inside his truck getting head from that little nigga from earlier.

He saw me and I waved bye. He did it back before forcing the boy to go faster.

The girl came outside and I held my hand up. She walked up to me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. I led her to my truck and I froze.

Somebody keyed my fucking truck. The girl jaw dropped at what it said.

Drug addict ass bitch.

Fucking Skye. The girl eyed me. "I'm not a drug addict. This dumb bitch mad about sum."

I see Skye go have to learn the fucking hard way.

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