Gulity Conscience

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Guilty Conscience


"So wassup ma?" I asked Ruby watching her twirl her hair around her finger.

"You know wassup daddy." She said walking around the desk and dropping to her knees.

"Nah ma, not today. Go out and start working the floor." I said.

"Don't act like you didn't like my head, daddy." She said, "I know you feigning."

Damn was she right about that. "Ruby, I can't do this shit no more a'ight?"

She pouted her ruby red lips into a delicate frown, "Why not daddy? Didn't I do a good job last time?"

"You know you did but I'm kind of gettin' serious with someone."

"What Skye doesn't know, won't hurt her. Isn't that right daddy?" Ruby asked pulling my strap from my office drawer.

"Ruby get out of my office." I said, but watching her undress was turning me on. "Ruby..." I said as she pressed my hands against her boobs. "Ruby we can't."

"Shhhhhh. Don't you like the way they feel?" She asked, handing me the strap on. "Don't you want to see my ass bouncing on that?"

I did want to see someone's ass bouncing in my lap. "Ruby no. G-go work the floor."

"Oh don't be such a wuss. You know you want it." She taunted, grinding in my lap. "I promise I won't tell Skye a thing."

I pushed Ruby off of my lap the moment she said Skye. "Get dressed and get out. Matter of fact, get out and get dressed somewhere else."

She sighed, "Call me when you change your mind."

She picked up her clothes and opened the door in all of her naked glory. She stood there for a minute, "Oh hey Skye." She said, smirking and walked past the body at the door.

"Oh God." I said, knowing I was finna get my ass beat for something that didn't happen.

This time.

Skye walked into my office a mean mug sat on her face. "So you fucking fire engine now?"

"Nah babe. She came in her tryna throw her pussy at me and I dodged that shit." I said, hoping she'd believe me for once.

Because I was telling the truth this time.

"Is that why yo strap out? Mmm, you must really think I'm boo boo the fool huh?" Skye asked, "I cannot believe you."

"I ain't even do shit!" I screamed at her.

She looked around her, even bent over and looked at the floor. What the hell is she doing? Was she tryna see if I had more hoes in here?

"What the fuck you looking for?" I asked becoming irritated with her.

"Who the fuck you thought you was screaming at because it sho in the hell wasn't me. Now go ahead and fix yo shit before I knock yo fucking top off. And I'm talking with my fist cause best believe I don't need a gun to make me tough." She said, "Now, go ahead and leave my life. Because I don't want nobody who can't respect me enough to be faithful."

"I am faithful to you." Sort of. Starting today.

She threw my cut at me before storming over to me and pushing me. Her eyes were blurred by tears. How in the hell she go from going off to crying?

"Why did you do this to me? I thought you was really feelin' me! Then you go around and fuck some 2 cent whore who looks like a fucking train off of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends!" Skye said tears rolling down her cheeks.

I grabbed her face and made her look up at me. She smacked my hands off of her face before swinging on me. I ducked and she missed hitting the file cabinet behind me.

"Fuuuuuuck!" She screamed in pain.

I cautiously stepped closer once I was sure she was done swinging. Her hand was bruised but nothing too bad.

"Don't touch me. I tried to give you another chance and this is what you do huh?" Skye asked walking out of my office. "You break my heart."

I looked at the door, willing her to come back. But she wasn't. She would probably quit her job to sever all ties with me.

But I really did want her. I couldn't let her get away from me that fucking quickly. All because of Ruby.

This was all Ruby fault.

I walked back into the dressing, calmly before I spotted Ruby changing and laughing with Fire.

I grabbed Ruby by her red ass hair and smashed her face into the mirror she was standing in front of. It shattered and I watched the broken glass rain down on the floor. Everyone was deadly silent.

Rio was there, confused looking. She looked like she wanted to join and beat Ruby ass too before checking her phone. Then she glared at me. I pulled her head back and smashed it into the vanity. Ruby fell backwards and blood spew from her nose and busted lips. Her eyes were wide with fear as I stood over her. "Bitch, you're fired."

The fear found in her wide eyes turned to rage. "I'm fired because you wanted to fuck me? Who came onto me first? You did! You said if I ever wanted some more to come see you. And you fucked Diamonds and Amethyst too. And you fired them. Is this your way of trying to cover you tracks because of your poor excuse of a girlfriend? That bitch wouldn't even let you fuck. She swore she was so much better than us but she was a stripper just like us. She was a stuck up ass hoe!"

Rio smacked her lips and walked over to Ruby. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't knock you the fuck out."

"Because you a scary ass bitch." Ruby spat back hatefully.

Everyone was silent. Everyone knew Rio didn't play games. She was pretty but she'd get down and dirty within a second.

Rio grabbed her hair and threw Ruby down to the floor. She punched her already bloodied face, screaming "bitch" with every punch. She drug her by her hair across the room to the vanity I had smashed her face on already and smashed it again and again until Ruby stopped screaming.

"Bitch don't ever have my best friend name in yo fucking mouth again. You fucking understand?" Rio said spitting onto the girls face.

True to her word, Ruby was out cold. None of the girls said a word when Rio walked up to me and punched me in the face. "And you ain't shit. That was for Skye since she fucked up her hand tryna hit yo ass."

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't fire you." I spat the blood towards her feet and touched my bloody lip, playing her game.

"Because me and Skye make the most money in the club and if I walk, she walks, and so do all of our regulars." She said, pulling on her jeans and tennis shoes.

I watched her go, angry that she was right. Angry that I got caught up. Angry that Skye had left me. Just Angry with the world.

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