Funny Acting Hoes

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Funny Acting Hoes


I was dreading work more & more. Everyone, with the exception of Rio & Heidi, were funny acting. They all mugged me or talked shit about me behind my back.

The thing is I couldn't figure out why. I hate to say this but I felt uncomfortable and threatened at work. I mean I knew Rio had my back if something popped off but its like 30 girls that now work there and none of them seem to like me. 30 against 2? We'd loose instantly.

I sighed walking into the club and heading straight to the dressing rooms. There was a mixture of stares when I walked in. Rio was at her station applying her make up when she noticed me and the stares.

"What the fuck y'all staring at?" She said mugging everyone.

"Her obviously." Ruby said, "Mexican ass bitch."

"Come here, white girl. So I can show you what us PUERTO RICANS like to do to bitches who don't know what we are." Rio said blowing out cigarette smoke.

Ruby looked away.

"That's what I thought." Rio said before hugging me. "Hey bitch."

"Hey girl." I responded uneasy with all the glares.

Was it jealously? What was it? Why did they all hate me so much?

"Don't trip off these jealous bitches." Rio said and Heidi came into the room.

"Hi Skye." She greeted while smiling at me.

"Hey Heidi." I said practically drooling over her beauty.

"How are you?" She asked her accent so beautiful and thick.

"Good, what about you?" I responded, changing into my outfit for tonight.

"I am great." She smiled, "Your hair is very pretty."

"Thank you. Everything about you is beautiful." I complimented back.

She smiled. "Thank you, beautiful." She pushed my hair behind my ear softly before retreating back to her table.

Was she flirting with me?

"Was she flirting with you?" Rio voiced my thoughts.

I looked over at Heidi, who was applying lipstick to her lips and smiled at me through her mirror.

"I think maybe she was." Yuck Mouth said.

Her breath cutting through the air like knives. I nodded, "Yuck Mouth, when's your birthday?"

"Next month. Why?" She asked.

"Ima get you a toothbrush." I responded.

After Work...

I sighed as Diamonds glared at me. I wasn't in the mood. I was just tryna go home. Why was this bitch in front of my car? "Do you wanna catch these hands or what?"

Amethyst mugged me as Rio walked up behind me. "Bitches, what's good?"

Zayne came up behind me as well, "Oh by the way, y'all are fired Amethyst and Diamonds. Now get off my property before I beat y'all asses."

"Is that why they mugging me?" I asked.

She shrugged, "I don't know."

Zayne grabbed my waist, "I'll be by in about an hour a'ight?"

I nodded, pressing my lips to hers while Rio waited against her car. Zayne smiled at me before walking away.

At Home...

I laid against the couch, waiting impatiently for Zayne to show up. It hadn't been an hour but I missed her already. Rio was going out with Tubby which wasn't a surprise really.

Tubby was feeling Rio & Rio was feeling Tubby. They think they're secretive with their meetings but anyone with eyes can see they like each other if you see them together.

I licked the sauce off of my finger from the chicken wings I was eating and changed the channel. I ended up watching some show about hair.

I never really wore my curly hair. I felt like it made me look more child like, younger. I was only 19 already but getting in clubs or bars were all easy for me.

But I hated looking like I was 13 years old or something when I wasn't. I preferred to look my age, well actually older than my age.

I watched Zayne sit the bag of snacks on the table and I sighed. She made me have to hit my workout routines harder and more often but I loved it. I would never complain about it.

I loved spending time with her. Especially when she held me in her arms in bed or when she pressed herself against me when she was scared but tried to blame me. I loved it.

"I brought your favorite disgusting snack." Zayne said, sitting on the couch next to me.

"Honey BBQ Frito twist with a tub of pecan butter ice cream?" I asked.

She nodded before shuddering, "How can you eat that together?"

"Because it taste wonderful. Thank you." I said finishing the last wing.

She smirked. "Where my wings ma?"

"In the kitchen on the stove." I said, throwing the container away.

"Wait, you forreal got me wings?" She said, "Usually they don't buy me shit."

"You said I ain't like everyone else. What was your exact words? "Shawty Different."" I said smiling at her shocked face. "Oh by the way, we have a date on Saturday. Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty."

She rose her eyebrows and frowned at me. "You planning dates too?"

"Duh Zayne." I said, "This isn't a one-sided relationship."

She smiled and kissed me softly. "You really sum else. I dig it though."

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