"Get It Girls" (Lesbian Story)

"Get It Girls" (Lesbian Story)

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"If you like strippers, bad bitches, drama, turning up, getting money, and hook ups, then "Get It Girls" is a must read, this book is the true definition of yolo and living life on your means" Enjoy.

Jade is a  gorgeous 18 year old living in Los Angeles, CA.  She has a body of a super model and the face of a movie star. Her childhood dream was to become an actress and model but when Jade's father passes  away and her mother starts a new life with a wealthy man, Jade settles for a boring life as a waitress until she meets Desiree. Desiree is a beautiful exotic stripper with a mind and ambition like a gold digger. Desiree isn't afraid of anything or anyone. Living a hard life taught Desiree to always fight for what she needs and wants. Desiree invites Jade along for the wild ride of her life ? Will Jade go? Will Jade fall into a fast, provocative, and dangerous life?


    Bitch you ain't get shitt to be doing all that extra shitt you have no right to be sotting here judging nobody about How they out there getting theirs stop being so bougie I hate them type of hoes
    C0leW0rld C0leW0rld Jul 07
    Ew girl you got enough money to get a basic black thing invest in yoself 😂
    sodamnfly sodamnfly Jul 14, 2016
    I swear this is going to be me at my high school reunion lol
    tallygirldee tallygirldee Sep 01, 2016
    Trouble but when a baddie pulls out a sack of money like that then you can't deny we all need a lil trouble 😈
    Kanaeeexo Kanaeeexo May 29, 2016
    oop , she better fvck it up . but my question is : did she free the tities? 🌞🌞🌞
    Kanaeeexo Kanaeeexo May 29, 2016
    gurl id be askin the same thing . u bettah cup dem tities in yo hand b, cuz dats da only bra u gettin fa the night 🌚