cash one-shots {boyxboy} by blazencash
cash one-shots {boyxboy}by blazencash
self explanatory and explicit ©blazencash 2015
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Mute by tikimiaa
Muteby t
when a geeky mute boy meets a hot basketball captain; more things happen than you would imagine. achievements: number one in 'cash' nine-hundred fifty-eight in 'fan f...
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Hollow // Cash by cashx_
Hollow // Cashby cashx_
Heartbreak, what a tragedy. Something that can't be avoided in a world where falling in love is what is meant to be done. Love, a crazy little word with a huge meaning b...
  • cash
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My forever,and My Always by LoganBaller101
My forever,and My Alwaysby Cahserr
Sophia bff with Lani Cash and maverick gets to see them over Christmas what will happen (i'm to lazy to wright it all)
  • musically
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Cash and Maverick Baker Imagines by CandyBakers
Cash and Maverick Baker Imaginesby Candy💛
Exactly what the title says💛
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Magcon Boys One Shots(BoyxBoy) by 2jae_bby
Magcon Boys One Shots(BoyxBoy)by Macie
This book contains one shots of ships from the old Magcon. Mostly contain Cash, Catthew, Jolinsky, Shaylor, and Haaron. Sammy, Skate, and Dillon as well. Hope you all...
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The Band // Cash and Maverick by Moll_BB
The Band // Cash and Maverickby Biggest loser ever
You met a band that changed your life... // I update this every two days with only a few exceptions
  • maverickbaker
  • cashbaker
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The Baker Brother's are Crushing on me by Cassiewrites101
The Baker Brother's are Crushing Cassie Soos
I didn't know it until I heard fighting and that is what signaled that they both liked me but only one could have me. I have found it pretty odd that two brothers are ju...
  • maverick
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Porn ➸ (Jacawn) by Whoeree
Porn ➸ (Jacawn)by Alison☹
2 guys that are work for helixstudios aka gay porn industry.
  • o2l
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For The Cash by Z__Leoo
For The Cashby Z._leo
18 yearsold Kamari is finished her 4 years of highschool and is now looking forward to college but there's no college if you have no cash. Kamari was born in Detroit Mic...
  • fast
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Blood Sisters by camisha_neverscared
Blood Sistersby Camisha
When Serenity Silver got released from jail, she only had one main priority to get what she lost and with how the game was going now, she needed help from the women who...
  • action
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we both have Differences// maverick baker by m_walion11
we both have Differences// m_walion11
hi I'm Lily the sister of mily. we're twins. our older sister Is tana manguea. we're all famous in the house. our parents have their own studios. it's cool to go and pla...
  • lily
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A Family of Trouble Makers (A Cash Family Story) by LarryLashtonNom
A Family of Trouble Makers (A Penguins and Weird Shit
Cameron Dallas and his Husband Nash Dallas have six beautiful young boys. How will Cameron and Nash be able to control their five rebellious boys. What happens when love...
  • jacobwhitesides
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Cash and Maverick Baker Imagines by mazerunnergirlclove
Cash and Maverick Baker Imaginesby ❤️Clove❤️
Two hot guys in one book
  • love
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  • mavrickbaker
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Cash Baker My Love (Cash Baker X Reader) by This_is_The_End1
Cash Baker My Love (Cash Baker X Maddy The Killy
I cant believe im realy doing this. I'm writing a fan-fiction about my best freind Cash.... Im not lieing eather, i live next to him! Its crazy! I know! Anyways.... ■■■...
  • funny
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my muser by noah1sartorius
my muserby noah
what happens when aaron joins muser school and aaron meets cash baker will they fall in love or apart just read and find out thank you and dont forget to vote
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Empty Thoughts | silkmel by silkmel
Empty Thoughts | silkmelby m♔🤩
Asia has been with Dave long enough to know that he's a big player, a huge one. With Asia being pregnant with their first child, will he be loyal or step off the track t...
  • drama
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  • pregnancy
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•Internet Friends• Cash Baker Fanfiction by fanficthots
•Internet Friends• Cash Baker Fanficthots
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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boys | shameron by vindictively
boys | shameronby j
"why am i fucking falling for you faggot". where a slutty straight football captain meets a shy gay geek.
  • fanfiction
  • camerondallas
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
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