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A Day In The Hustle

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A Day in The Hustle


I walked into the club, making my way into the back where the dressing rooms were. The club was packed as usual on Friday Nights.

"Wassup bitch?" Rio said, pushing her blonde hair off her shoulder while she readjusted her red bustier.

She turned around and gave me a quick hug. A cigarette was dangling from between her lips.

She was one of the thickest girls here.

She styled her blonde hair in waves going down her back. Her brown Puerto Rican skin glistened with the baby oil she had just rubbed on. Her bustier matched the lacy boy shorts she was wearing.

"Yo, guess what that bitch ass nigga Tyrone did?" She said.

"What girl?" I said, stripping out of the jeans I was wearing revealing my white thong.

"He tried to fuck my sister! I had to kick that nigga to the curb again." she said, shaking her head.

I changed into the white and pink crop that barely covered my perky breast. "I hope permanently this time."

Rio smiled back at me, "Hell yeah. I'm thinking of finding me a nice little baddie to spend my days with."

I pulled the pink plaid school skirt on and adjusted the strap on the pink heels that made my legs look longer.

"Bitch!" Stormy yelled walking back into the dressing room.

Her body was covered in a slick sweat and her purple hair was damp. I pulled my hair into pigtails.

"Hey bitch, why you so sweaty?" I asked, pushing her off me when she tried to hug me.

"Had to work extra hard tonight. They gotta scout for The Bunny out there." she explained.

"Forreal?" I asked, rolling the hem of the skirt up enough to reveal the bottom of my ass.

Rio smacked it, "That muthafucka is so fat!"

Stormy laughed. "Lemme change and freshen up so I can go work the floor."

"Take this perverted bitch with you." I joked, jerking my finger back at Rio.

"Nah, you'd miss me too much." she said, pressing up against my backside.

The other girls roamed around us, puttinng on clothes and locking things into lockers.

I went to my locker and locked my shit up before I went to the stage. Genesis was dancing now.

Genesis was by far the prettiest girl in the club. Her hair was jet black and reached mid back, her eyes were hazel brown, and even though her body was more on the petite side she still knew how to work it.

"Give it up for Genesis!" Hydro said, letting her collect her money, "And give a warm welcome to the beautiful, the curvaceous, and the bold Skye!"

I strutted out down the catwalk to the pole. Men and women were both mixed in the crowd. Bandz A Make Her Dance by Juicy J blasted around the club in speakers.

I squatted in front of the club, running my hand down from my chest down to my lace covered core. The man I was in front of threw a few bills on stage.

I stood up and slowly revealed my thong by pulling off the skirt. I threw it in the crowd and they cheered hurriedly throwing more money on the stage.

I got on the pole and swung around it. I climbed up the pole and turned upside down, opening my legs in a full split.

Wolf whistles and cheers erupted from the crowd when I turned around and landed on the stage in a split. I bounced my booty cheeks and made them clap.

Money was all over the stage. I got on all fours and began twerking in the nearest woman's face. The butch bit her lip and put a few hundred dollar bills inside of my thong.

She was fine too.

I climbed up the pole again and began bouncing around it. I hooked one of my legs around the pole and leaned backwards while pulling up the crop top to reveal my titties.

"Take it off!" A man yelled whole others threw money on the stage.

Some people began to chant take it off so I did, throwing the shirt into the crowd but more specifically at the butch from earlier.

The song changed to Make It Rain by Fat Joe and I started shaking my ass to the beat. They threw more money onto the stage and wolf whistled.

I grabbed the bag from the side of the stage and stuffed all of my money in it.

"Give it up for that wonderful show that Skye gave us!" Hydro said, "Now give a warm welcome to Safari."

I went back to the dressing room.

"Bitch you did good as fuck." Rio said, grabbing my ass again.

"Yo Skye. You gotta private dance in room 3." One of the bouncers said.

I nodded, changing into a simple cheetah print bustier and matching thong. I took my hair from the pigtails and slid my feet into some plain black heels.

"Rio stop staring at my ass." I said, wiping off the lipstick I was wear.

I left the dressing room and made it to private room 3. The butch from earlier was there waiting. She sat with her legs spread open and she was leaning down in between them.

Her wild hair was pulled into a ponytail and under a snap back. Her shirt was baggy and showing her many tattoos. She looked sexy as shit.

I pressed the button and the timer began. Na Na played from the speakers and I walked towards her slowly.

I pressed my ass into her crotch and rotated my hips. She bit her lip and suddenly the song changed to a faster beat one. Back That Ass Up by Juvenile began to play and I put my legs over both of the arms of the chair.

I shook my ass against her in this position before crawling down her and doing it on the carpeted floor. I climbed back into her lap.

I began grinding against her, roaming my hands down her body. She did it back, holding my body with her hands. I gently climbed out of her lap and got on the floor. I did a split and started bouncing my ass to the beat. I held the pole and bent over shaking it faster. She bit her lip and I did a backwards flip onto the pole and held onto the pole with my legs.

She groaned, when I twisted around the pole while fondling my breast. I bounced my ass up and down while holding onto the pole.

She stood and showered money on my body. I wrapped my legs around her waist and began grinding against her while she put money in my thong.

"Damn ma, you got something nice." she said, watching me gather the money I made.

I smirked, "Yeah I know."

She handed me a card, "Give me a call if you want a better job."

I looked at the card. The Bunny. Owner Zayne with her phone number on the bottom of the card. She walked out but not before grabbing my ass one last time.

"Oh my fucking God!" I squealed, running back to the dressing room.

I showed them the card and Rio's eyes grew the size of saucers.

"Bitch, you lucky as hell!" she said, changing into her regular clothes and counting out the boss man's cut.

I did the same, feeling much happier than I did when I first came.

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